You must give up Everything in order to gain Everything

It seems like I am starting off with the tougher topics of the enlightenment journey. I’m sure there is some reason for that. I want to clarify this common stereotype of enlightenment. That you must give up all of your physical possessions (including people), in order to become enlightened. The truth is, you aren’t required to do anything. The enlightenment journey, truly has nothing to do with the doing of anything, it only has to do with awareness of the being behind the doing which is always….inner peace. Let me speak on my story specifically.

In some cases, I made a personal decision to physically give up some things. My journey intensified one evening with a Fireplace, a Beachhouse and A Course In Miracles in my lap last Decemeber. Something changed within me that week. As I immersed myself in the course, I realized I needed to free up as much mental space in order to make room for this new way of life. I decided to give up a job that I hated. I felt the fear, but I picked up the phone, and told my boss before I was even fully sure yet, that I wanted to take a break. As soon as I did that, I felt a wave of energy that had been tied up, come back to my being. I felt liberated, more liberated than fearful. So in that case, yes I “gave up” something physical.

What this line really means “You must give up everything, in order to gain everything.” Is that you must give up the attachment to the thing, in order for your God Self to restructure the universe to give you a incomprehensible version of what you originally wanted. For instance, I was and am still very much in love with my Twin Flame and I always will be. But it wasn’t time for union yet, not even close. I had to give up the expectation that we would even come into union one day, I had to give up the expectation that he would awaken to his true path. I still see him, although not often, I still love him, but I have no attachment to being with him. My agenda is dropped (although it took a while), and now the Universe can like a boom-a-rang, bring back the highest and best physical manifestation, of what would be best from an energetic standpoint for both of us. But I ain’t even wondering about the outcome no’ mo’.

Real talk, giving up attachments to things, and not physically removing the “thing” is really hard and tricky. Your ego will convince you that you’ve let go of the attachment. The boyfriend, the job, food, and whatever else. But you’ll notice you’ve been tricked when things that you view with your eyes start to go in an unexpected direction. The boyfriend wants to breakup, or the job demotes you, if you havent given up the attachment, you’ll start to cling and even suffer at the thought of losing it. I can tell you that some monks deliberately give up all of their shit, because it is much easier to let go this way, when stuff is physically finito’, out of your physical world. But the truth is, we really were all meant to live physically and non physically abundant lives. You can be that hardcore if you want to.

As ACIM calls “special relationships”, this refers to any particular investment you have with a particular thing, person, or situation, must be dropped in order for your God Self to work miracles of abundance. All of those “things” are temporary forms, that will shape shift into something else, and then something else. We must stop worshiping the idol and follow the only thing which is true formlessness of God. God is all of it, but in its formlessness, God in truth, is everlasting in nature.

Now if you have a part time commitment to dropping things (I did at first), that is okay, but it means the journey will slow down for you, and that isn’t a bad thing. It is whatever you decide for you in a given moment. I decided that I wanted to be on the fast track, so I physically or non-physically dropped everything. The point of this post, is to unscare you and debunk yet another misnomer. Enlightenment, even when you are deep into the process, does not mean you will live with nothing but a little food, a roof over your head and a few clothes. This is a big, incorrect stereotype that acts as a great argument to our egos position of not wanting change. I will talk in later posts about how everything physically comes back to you once you give up attachments. I will also give many many details in regards to what happened in my “giving up” phase. It was way more intense than what I’ve mentioned. We will visit intensity in certain levels, I’m not trying to kill you here.

I go into more detail about my personal process of giving up, because it was and is, the most intense process of this journey. At least it has been for me.

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