Get Real Bitch

The gift of Truth overcomes all gifts.

The joy of Truth overcomes all pleasures.

The taste of Truth overcomes all sweetness….

The Buddha

A side note, yes Bitch. A word, that we assign such harsh connotations to. I use words like this purposefully, because in truth, this is how I speak in my everyday life. So my blog posts about truth must reflect the platform in which I express God from, which is one that curses….a lot

Ahhhh yes, as my awakening journey catapulted into a full-time process that I was focused on, I noticed almost immediately, the importance of letting go of the bullshit. Let me be a bit more specific. Throughout my childhood and teens, you can say, that I truly had a much closer relationship to living from an honest place, than most people I’d met. I’d told many of my family and friends some of my deepest secrets whether they wanted to know or not in my life. And I admit it, sometimes my honesty delivery was a bit abrasive back then.

One thing I will mentioned that I had a habit of, was cutting corners, in a dishonest way when it came to governmental, or corporation type of stuff. Honestly I got a kick out of it. Somehow I had normalized that fudging on your resume and saying you worked somewhere 5 years instead of 1 was fine. Or taking it to another level, I totally thought it was completely acceptable to make up pay stubs that say I made X amount__ to qualify for that government program or scholarship or whatever, since the money I made was under the table, so who cared, and hey, I payed taxes? This level of dishonesty, I completely normalized, and yet cutting corners, and being dishonest in order to qualify for something, was in no shape way or form for my highest good. I just wasn’t dialed in to realize it.

Now moving to the last few years, as I mentioned in the last post, I asked to know my life purpose. It took a few months, but the answer came back and it was: Truth expressed through the creative vehicle of writing/speaking/teaching. When that came back as the answer I’m pretty sure I let out an audible “ohhhhhhhhhhhh”. I started to make it my mission, to tell the truth and act out of truth. I dropped a mortgage job that I wasn’t wowed with, I was very outspoken with my Buddhist practice in regards to things that I believed needed some restructuring within the organization that I belonged to at the time, anyone who would listen, I was ready and willing to tell them the truth about anything. I did deeply understand that the truth was received by some, and rejected by others. Based on peoples perception. I also realized that coming from this integral space truly wasn’t about pulling someone in into believing me, just the mere words being spoken were enough for me to feel the relief within.

As I continued to make this my priority, I noticed a few things. I could physically feel the energy release from some secret I’d been keeping, finally be spoken about out loud. It was like a tangible surge of energy coming back to me. As my mind relaxed into shedding the layers of bullshit with a friend, family member or even a stranger, my body would start to relax into my minds new level of awareness.

With some of my reveals, I could also sometimes see a level of relaxation come over the other person. Sometimes, right then and there, it would enable someone to feel like they could as well, share something that they’d been hiding. As I opened the door to transparency, and put myself in a position to be vulnerable with another, a bond of trust was instantly strengthened. As a side note, don’t worry, I will be sharing the specifics of some of these “truths” in later posts:-). Making it a journey that unfolds is always more fun.

In the event that they were “put off” by whatever I shared usually non-verbally, I quickly realized, that it was only because they were deeply holding onto their personal judgements about themselves, and couldn’t bare to break free from that model of judging themselves. Most of the time for people, holding yourself in some sort of contempt is more familiar than releasing it. A lot of the times, those people would allow the information that I shared with them to “settle in”, and come back around to feeling slightly more open, more receptive the next time we’d spend time together.

I amped up my honesty skills, and decided to make it all about creating a space of liberation for anyone I met throughout my day. I started sharing honestly in group settings, like full monte transparency kinda honesty. I could instantly see the looks of surprise, and pure comfort in another’s eyes from sharing from my heart, my truth. Sometimes they’d identify with my truth as their own, and it would allow them a foundational platform, to also speak up, and also, use their mouth or eyes to agree with me, or not.

If you were to read these blog posts and decide that you only wanted to get one nugget of value on the spiritual awakening journey, pick telling the truth and acting out of integrity. Telling the truth about how you feel, what you think of yourself, and a situation. It isn’t done in a way to be judgmental, or hurt another’s feelings. It is done out of a desire to be completely transparent. It isn’t even done in hopes that the other person agrees with you. To give the gift of truth to another, is in the same breath, giving the gift to yourself. As A Course in Miracles puts it: “Giving and receiving are one.” Whether the other accepts your gift of truth is up to them, and coming from experience, they usually do.

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