Wake up!

Over the last four months especially, from July until now, I’ve made many friends and acquaintances within the spiritual community. They happened to be at different stages within their awakening process. It appears the next set of information to share, has to do with how to accelerate your own spiritual awakening, as well as what to expect in the months to come.

Of course this will apply to many of you, but not all.

Do Energy Work of ANY KIND

This is a biggy.

Chi, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, or all three! There is a physiological process to awakening as well as a mental and emotional process. It is important to have all of your bases covered and assist your body in the awakening process as well. With energy work, the energy centers within your body become wider, and clear of blockages. This allows for a larger transmission to receive energy for yourself and channel this energy through your body to others.

Practice Practice Practice.

The more you use the energy of God, the easier it turns on and the more potent it funnels through the vehicle of your body. Every time you do energy work on someone, you are receiving a cleansing, a healing yourself. Truly giving and receiving are always one.

To be a badass, get this book! How To Become A Christ By Master LaValley possibly even free on Amazon Kindle unlimited. This will take your energy accelerations to the next level with it’s practical applications at the end of each chapter. There really is a “How to” portion of becoming enlightened, it isn’t just reading, and forgiving yourself and others for everything, although that is a large portion of it.

More importantly, through various Q & A topics, it dives deeply into the concept of the world we live in being a dream. If you’ve ever heard people throw around the concept of “it’s not real anyway, this world’s an illusion”, but you or them still really don’t grasp the meaning of that statement, well you will after reading this book several times. I give it a 10/10 for intensity and truth. You will hear over and over again the in’s outs to what it means to give up everything for God. This book takes that concept into living it.

UFO’s Are Planning to Help if You Let Them.

Okay so you know those “Aliens abducted me” shows? Where someone describes being probed, and taken in a spaceship against their will? It ain’t happening like that at least most of the time. The UFO’s would like to help us accelerate our energies, by giving us personal upgrades. You don’t get flown into the sky through a spaceship. They’ll ask your permission by floating into your consciousness beforehand.

When they come, it will be your consciousness leaving your body and going into their dimension. UFO’s are in another dimension(s) that exists parallel to this one. So your body stays in bed, it doesn’t go anywhere. But your astral body, your consciousness, floats to their dimension.

The energy upgrades should tingle, and not be painful. There is nothing that I type that I haven’t experienced myself on a personal level. I assure you that they are here to help, and they wont help if you are fearful or don’t want the help. If you are like “cool, aliens!” then, as your energy increases on your own and you become more prepared, ask and you shall receive.

Speaking of books, I’ve noticed a lot of people in the metaphysical community go to about a hundred classes. Tarot, channeling, crystals, and pendulums, you name it. I noticed they also watch a ton of youtube videos from various people about spiritual awakenings etc. I must say I went to a few classes in the beginning of my awakening journey, and they ARE entertaining and I met a ton of great people. But I noticed the trap pretty quickly.

What all of that wont do, is lead you out of all of it. You need one true teaching to MASTER. This teaching will become your foundation for your awakening journey. You will learn it so well that you will be able to teach it to others by living it. Eventually, you will liberate yourself from needing the teaching altogether, but we all start as seekers. If we hop around from one modality to another, all modalities like tarot, crystals, and things that we are reaching for outside of ourselves. For entertainment purposes, and aesthetics, they are all great. But they can’t lead us home to the truth.

So pick a teaching and stick with it. You can read and explore other teachings of course, but you want one to be your power house, your go to. Also, find an in person group related to that particular teaching that you can be a part of.

My favorite is A Course in Miracles. There are others that I will list here, and I will do an overview of each of them in the future. I’m only picking the ones that I am familiar with personally. There are others beyond this list. No, the Bible did not make the list. Have you guys ever met an enlightened person that said the Bible was their go to teaching? It isn’t to say that truth isn’t found in the bible, but is garbled with much muck and half truths.

A Course Of Love, The Way Of Mastery, and The Lotus Sutra (The Lotus Sutra is old school, but truth is truth!)

And there are others.

I would also recommend adding on How To Become A Christ to any of these teachings. Again, this book adds the applicable techniques to the Christ journey.

It’s important to remember that these books are merely helping you to ignite what you already know, and what you already are. These aren’t here to have you memorize every word and take every word with such narrow focus, and narrow interpretation, making it another tool of the ego. Interpret the words through the core depths of your own beingness, breathe the teaching, live the teaching. Most importantly, put the teaching away and embody it.

Awakening is Not Forced on You

I will mention this over and over again in my posts. If you read some of these, and you become confused, frightened or completely turned off by the awakening process, Awakening is not forced. Awakening is your journey and your choice. It may be helpful still to know what is happening to many individuals around you especially come 2020. Consider this at the least, staying informed.

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