Okay, So the World You See Is a Dream

There are so many different variations, to explaining “the world is an illusion concept.” To some degree, the ones I’ve heard are all right. This is by far, the most complicated subject in the awakening journey to grasp. Why? Because how do you really talk about nonhuman concepts with: language; another human concept? You can’t, but we try. For most of you, this concept also directly contradicts with everything you’ve experienced in your human life so far.

Also continual experience is key. Words simply will not bring you there. But as you sit with this information in the back of your mind, it can start to create a foundation to have actual “the world is an illusion” experiences.

Questioner: Being born is real, dying is real, my body is me, and my partner is real right?

Well, no.

We should start at the beginning.

Once upon a time, there was God. God was all there was, think of God as a whole art canvas, a blank one. This canvas holds the power for all possibilities to be created on it and has no beginning or end. Think of it as the birthplace for all thought, the total thought of God if you will. So God, had a thought. To become a forgotten version of itself in order to experience aspects of itself.

Questioner: Why?

I’ll explain that later

Questioner: How could God do that then, separate from itself?

Duality. The Oneness, became “twoness”. The separation of God began with the possibility of God to create separately from itself. Now imagine God as the all encompassing sun. This sun, wanted to still be the sun but to experience itself in a different way, so it created aspects of itself that appear to be separate from it. The rays of the sun were created. Now pretend the rays are an illusion. Seemingly separate from the sun, but really not separate at all. Except for these sun rays, have no idea that they are connected to this huge ball that’s a trillion times more powerful than the rays. It believes that as a ray, it thinks and creates by itself and that is as far as its power goes. It looks across from itself and sees another ray. It see’s that ray as separate from itself as well.

So now God has appeared to separate itself from itself. But you see, God is all that is, and all there ever was. So even though it appears there is separation, there really isn’t.

Now this separate ray, God with amnesia, needs it’s own “creator” or “god” to start creating things on the blank canvas. This little God within the dream is your ego. So now, your ego gets busy creating outside of ONENESS. It has created the illusion of TWONESS (more than one.)

Questioner: Okay its so freaky to hear the world explained this way. What were the egos creations?

In a separated partial thought, the ego “made”: “being born”, “dying”, the five senses, and last but not least, its temple, the body!

But now this ego, in order to experience itself as a creator, it needed a platform. So then, the world was made as its stage through another partial thought. Well, it also needed “things” to experience itself in relationship to something else right? More duality, more partial thoughts separate from total thought (God), so then, trees, houses, cars, animals and other bodies were created as well.

This ego also created within the separated dream from God, the concept of space and time. In oneness, there is none of that of course, remember oneness is oneness and not “twoness.” SO there is no here and there, no before and after, no past, present, future, God IS.

Questioner: So what are we?

In space and time, we are God living as Forgotten God in truth, and we are being our own god outside of the big G God. We create as separate human beings, as god with amnesia like I said. We compete, we strive to obtain things that are of a temporary nature for happiness, (which is everything you see), and most of all, because of all the investments we place on impermanent things,

we suffer.

We are human beings living as ego’s, and not as God. We are living in a dream. A dream of separation.

Questioner: So why the hell would God do that? It seems mean.

God is you, first of all. You ask that question like again, God is somewhere else. See how tricky duality is? it is engrained in everything we have come to understand since we were “born”.

god separated itself from the totality of God for these reasons.

Experience, Contrast and Expansion

God makes no value judgements on what god experiences. Everything within the dream has value, and is neither good nor bad. God isn’t here to race to the finish line and become aware of itself as quickly as possible either. “Hey guys, I realize I’m God now, hurry up already!”


Every experience for God has deep value. God gets to experience itself through these aspects of separation. Look at each person as an aspect of God. Doesn’t everyone have distinctly different personalities? Even animals have different temperaments? God is playfully enjoying the experiences and experiencing itself through these aspects that appear separate from it. Which leads to talk about contrast.

Throughout these experiences. God gets to experience relativity. God gets to experience polarization. The love and the fear, the joy and the disappointment. These polarities ONLY exist in space and time, there is only light, love and joy in truth, but God gets to experience the contrast of both ends of the stick within the dream called planet earth. Through this contrast, the birthplace for more thoughts, and more creation exist. For example.

The desire to create the telephone had to first come from some dude being super sick of getting telegrams sent months later after his son in the war died.

The desire to create a car had to first be created by being fed up with horse and buggying around town taking weeks to get anywhere far.

The birthplace of all innovation comes from some sort of desire that arises from contrast. Contrast fuels creation and obviously expansion. Is there any ceiling to what God can create? No. There is no ceiling to God’s expansiveness.

The world you see is a perfect example. Within the dream we’ve created a world that is not a favorable one. This contrast of seeing a world that collectively is not a world of light has now led to this moment. This initiative, this revolution and this New Earth. Do you have any idea what this New Earth will look like? It will be bigger than when Jesus was here two thousand years ago. Why? For the reasons I told you! Contrast, and Expansion! We have had contrasting experiences now for thousands of years. We have also made many improvements, but with those improvements have also paralleled with some really contrasting outcomes.

Now let’s talk about the ultimate ultimate reason. You could say that the final experience for God in space in time is for the forgotten god to WAKE UP to become GOD within the dream. Then, you become the real creator, rather than creating from your ego, from duality from the little g. You become all. so everything within the dream can be flexible since it is you. Instead of there being your illusionary will and God’s will, only one will remains in truth. You’ve merged the illusionary egoic you, with the God you. This only occurs when we forgive the dream entirely, forgive the illusion of separation, and forgive the projection that our own minds have created. When you become God in a body, your dream, the world you see, becomes your conscious and total creation. You stop unconsciously mis-creating with your thoughts, all thoughts of separation evaporate, and lastly, you stop pretending to not be God! You can have, do and be anything you choose. This in truth is what the Law of Attraction is getting at, but it is a partial explanation to a much larger concept. The movie The Moses Code is much more descriptive about all of this, and it’s got my boy Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith in it.

When you wake up to the truth of who you are, you express compassion and forgiveness through the body to all of your brothers. This is extended to all beings, especially those that are still invested in the dream, the ones who are suffering and separate from the truth. Which is almost everyone. The urge to be the way shower for others to remember the truth of who they are (God), becomes your mission.

Questioner: I can’t tell if I still don’t understand, or if I get it and the truth is scaring me.

If you are still working on this: “world is an illusion” concept, understand that it takes “time” to get this one. Lastly, there really is no rush to get anything. When you ready to wake up, you will son son!



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