Past Life Reveals in The City of Brotherly Love.

Finding out about Mary, was a gradual build. God is the most creative mofo’ I’ve ever known. This story is about the interesting build that occurred, from past lives to the reveal of my consciousness being Mary’s, to what happened a few weeks afterwards. I write these bits and pieces out of my journey out of order because my awareness floods in with what I should write about each day. It looks like this is what is up for discussion today.

The Past Life Reveals

In February, a dear family member of mine passed away. I plan on going into those details in a future post, but, its relevant to this one, because I was feeling quite sore, and shooken up from the news. So I started to dig a little deeper into my God path.

Past life information was unlocked after I mosey’ed over to see a Past Life Regressionist. The 2 hour session was definitely helpful when it came to mending old wounds related to a few people that had passed away, but I moved it out of my awareness pretty quickly.

Then, The information within a few days came in related to two specific, very well known past lives. I barely struggled with accepting those chapters of life as my own, because one was the confirmation name I gave myself back in my Catholic days, and the other, this person, I had loved dearly all my life and even had a picture of this man hanging up in my room.

I struggled with the why. If all of this is a dream, then why would God reveal to the little me about two roles that I played in the dream world? All of it means nothing, right?

Well yes, but also no.

I realized later, that I was told the information, because I had a closer relationship with believing in those two people’s capabilities, and contribution to the world we live in, rather than my own in this lifetime. I was able to in a distant way, take the strength of other lives, and connect it back to this one. Jazz just believing in Jazz, as this strong as Fuck human being was difficult for me. I knew I was powerful, but that powerful? well that was a tough one.

The Magdalene Reveal

So I digest that set of information for a few weeks, and then something funny happens, Mary Magdalene starts floating into my awareness. I watched the 2017 movie , titled ‘Mary Magdalene’, and around the same time I start reading Gary Renard’s ‘Disappearance of The Universe’, which talks all about the Magdalene, as well as his discovery of Renard’s consciousness being St. Thomas, (spoiler alert, sorry.)

So one night after some healing, (see big information would almost always come in after an intense set of karma being healed)…


Like a Flood. It came in. “Mary Magdalene is you Jazz.”

See at this point, I would still have this semi-dualistic thing going on with God. I would talk to God, that was easier for me to handle. I mean If I had a hard time accepting past lives, you think I was ready to take full God responsibility? Nah.

Anyways, this time, instead of believing, instead of being happy with the information, I was quite pissed off.

My thoughts fluctuated around: You expect me to believe this? What the hell am I supposed to do with this information? Why is this even of significance?

I was still very attached to Jesus being a “special” human being, and now I was supposed to believe that I was married to him? I didn’t want to take on that responsibility. Furthermore, I couldn’t be “worthy” of it could I? And then it would come back to, of course, that it’s all a big, temporary dream!

The larger part of me was well aware that there are no special people, it’s all God, every bit of it. I allowed the knowingness of this information to sink in, and when I look back on it, it was the beginning of me really really accepting that I was not below Jesus, I like everyone else was his equal, and just here, playing another role, in another act, with another body.

So I’ll fast forward now. It’s July 2019. I drop off my kids to their dads in Florida for six weeks, and I feel a whoosh of an energetic shift as soon as I hopped on a plane towards Philadelphia. I remember thinking Oh man, this is about to get interesting isn’t it? At the start I thought,There’s gonna be a really cool event in the next six days isn’t there?

So, I do a lot of visiting of family, like a ton in a six day period. No one lives close to each other so I drove about 600 miles in total in my rental car from the Jersey Shore to Philly, 3 times round trip. I was wiped the hell out.

The day before the last day of my departure, I’m hanging out with my Aunt, we will call her Helen. I’m doing my best to update her on some of my latest spiritual experiences. She certainly had a higher level of consciousness within our family, but the instructions were still to “be careful” and not reveal everything. So I didn’t explain the Twin flame stuff, or the Mary Magdalene stuff.

The Deck

Night time roles around after a long pool day, and within an hour, it’s me and her and were are kicking back on her deck, chatting away and she starts talking about her friend Brandon. Now Brandon is spiritual as well, that’s how the two of them are connected. As I’m gushing over A Course in Miracles, barely taking a breath, she goes on to explain,

“Brandon has been into A Course in Miracles for the last ten years, like really into it. It’s impacted his life so dramatically that it’s kept him from really interacting a ton with other people and he sticks to the books.”

She goes on to describe the following. I’m paraphrasing all of this.

“Yeah so Brandon is in this really interesting situation with a dear friend of mine over the last 2 years. The woman, Kathy, she goes back and forth with dating Brandon, and then runs back to her ex suddenly, that she isn’t deeply deeply in love with, but she feels guilty to leave him. Kathy, she’s got this really hard shell, she finally admitted that she loved Brandon a few months ago. Anyways, she also isn’t spiritually awake for the most part. Kathy is a wonderful person, but she’s got this anger thing, and dependency with drinking……”

As Helen is talking, I’m in my head thinking,

Don’t you dare say twin flame!

…and then Helen goes…..”Yeah Brandon is convinced it’s this spiritual connection called a Twin Flame relationship…..”

I jump out of my seat and walk around on the deck for a bit. Back and forth I pace, with my jaw dropped in disbelief. I spew out at that point everything that had been going on with me and Judas, except the past lives stuff.

So then…… Helen continues.

“Ya know Brandon actually told me, that a while back, he was meditating and he went into some sort of vision, he saw himself as one of Jesus’ closest people during biblical times. He is completely convinced that he in a past life he was John the Baptist and he doesn’t know what to do with the information.”

I jump out of my chair, and almost spill my drink, and start pacing on the the deck again in circles…..

…and then it hit me.

Brandon was the reason why I had discovered A Course In Miracles exactly 9 years before.

Had Brandon not introduced the Course to my Aunt ten years ago, my aunt would’ve never introduced me to the course nine years ago. The book was on my shelf for 9 years, and I finally picked it up in December of 2018. And here we were 9 years later, I was totally out of contact with Brandon, and yet we were both deeply entrenched in the course, and paralleling with each other like a mother fucker.

It was all coming full circle.

Now, there was no denying Mary Magdalene now, I couldn’t get away from it. That night the flood gates opened. As I finally and fully accepted Mary, one by one the soul family that I was incarnated with started to reveal itself to. The information below over the course of the next few days, started to flood in. I was reincarnated with Jesus’ entire soul family.

Judas-Jesus’ Disciple, shortly after the Magdalene information came in.

St. John The Baptist

St. Anne-Jesus’ Grandmother

St. Joseph-

Jesus’ two sons

and last but not least,

The “Virgin” Mary

There were several other friends of Biblical times that came through, as well as disciple information from the Buddha’s lifetime. Let’s just say I woke up each morning feeling like my brain might explode for a few weeks! With the Buddha information, That’s a whole other post that I will talk about it in the near future. See it comes back to the time of Jesus and the time of Buddha, they are very much intertwined with each other and it is for a reason.

It has to do with what we are at the beginning of.

Anyways, as I stared out the window of my aircraft on my way back to California, I was starting to get the feeling why Mary Magdalene had been revealed to me as my consciousness. We all as a soul family, had all incarnated for something, but what was it? That question stayed in the back of my mind for the rest of the month.

It would be another two months until I got the answer to my question….

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