The Money Coming in.

This entry is a bit all over the map, because many bits of information were flying into my awareness about different things in such a short amount of time. Every bit that comes into my awareness, I’m sharing with all of you, it will just be out of order.

Back tracking to July again. My kids leave for their dads for six weeks and I arrive on the plane back from Philadelphia to San Clemente.

Even before then, back in the spring, I was getting little hits of information, but just little sound bytes. The subject of prisons kept flooding into my awareness, but I didn’t know what to make of it exactly. Back then, honestly not that long ago, I would get pieces of God information and try to project into the future as to what it all meant. So I started calling Prisons in May, asking to volunteer, but again, I didn’t know where any of the attempts were going.

I spoke to someone on the phone, who was just about as confused as I was. The man says.

“Ummm so what exactly do you want to do?”

I stutter.

“Uhhhhh help in any area in the Prison that has a need I guess?”

I’m not sure how exactly the conversation turned into a spiritual one. I figured there wasn’t much popularity specifically with A Course in Miracles, so I mentioned my familiarity with Buddhism.

He perked up a little.

“Oh we actually don’t have a Buddhist representative, but to be honest with you, it is very rare to get a request from an inmate about Buddhist material. What I can do is pass your information along, and I’ll give it you a call back.”

As I placed the phone down on my kitchen counter, I felt a little disheartened, but I figured whatever was meant to transpire from that phone call, would in time.

So now it’s July. Prisons are again floating into my awareness, looping back in my mind over and over again. Everyday in the month of July, I’d wake up, not sure where I’d be sent. One particular Tuesday in July, I was sent to a new Course In Miracles meetup in Newport Beach, ran by The Agape. Within a few minutes of arriving, a man at the meeting starts sharing his personal history of the course, how he worked at a prison and was introduced to the course within the four walls of a prison by an inmate.

My ears go into perfect acoustic receiver mode. I knew whatever he was going to say further, was for me and that was the reason why I had been sent to this meeting.

He continues on.

“So anyway, If anyone is interested in writing my friend in prison, I have my friends information here for you to send him letters.” I reach over, all of the color drained from my face, to snap a photo of the envelope. Knowing that the next step, would be to write this guy a letter.

Within a week, I get the loop to peruse on Craigslist in the volunteer section. I had no idea why. I read the following ad along with a photo of her son.

Hi there, my son is in prison in Texas. He is in his 30’s and has life in Prison. If anyone would be kind enough to write him, here is his information.

Clearly, I knew this yet again wasn’t a coincidence.

I begin writing both gentleman, one in California, and one in Texas. I knew not to say too much, but one was very familiar with the course, so we went back and forth discussing the course in various letters and became quite acquainted with each other.

A few weeks later, I hear back from the original prison’s employee I had spoken to four months prior back in May about volunteering.

He starts with,

“This never happens, but all at the same time, we suddenly have four inmates interested in Buddhism information. I happened to stumble on a post-it note that had your name on it from when you called 4 months earlier. It was sitting here in this pencil box.”

“When can you start your security clearance to be our Buddhist representative?”

Well dang son, I thought. It was all coming together.

I’ll stop that story there because it is still ongoing. This is where I am at currently, in the middle of getting my volunteer orientation set up in order to have access into all jails in Orange County. Now I’m getting the gist what where this is heading, but you see, all that is revealed from God is bits and pieces of the puzzle until it is time for more pieces to be revealed.

I’ll back up again. Around the same time as the Prison information flooded into my awareness, I was getting information about new elementary schools being built, programs being implemented into homeless shelters, rehab centers, and all of which was circling around being created under the wing of the Principles of A Course in Miracles.

So what I know for sure, is the course will act as a woven foundational element, embedded in the structure of these facilities. It was completely coinciding with the phase 1 information of the New Earth, the whole concept we heard two thousand years ago that ‘the meek will inherit the earth,’ loop that started to play in my head later in August.

One night, after a nice healing of all of my personal money fears, (and there were a lot,) I start to see flashes of the future. This was never a surprise to me, for its how I’ve found out about everything I’ve mentioned in previous posts. Information of upcoming events is always provided through visions for me. Information about past lives comes through in energy blocks, or downloads if you will of information.

So on this particular night, I saw a swift, very abundant amount of money coming in. The way the money would come seemed like an unexpected way. Kind of how someone would suddenly win the lottery, or claim an inheritance. In terms of timeline, the vision, felt soon, but I couldn’t tap into any specifics beyond that.

Basically, much of this money will be supporting the development of building new programs that I mentioned previously. My focus appears to be more of handling a Course in Miracles, and Judas’ involves the true teachings of the Buddha, but this is once he’s awake. We will be a team of course, but it is the merging of both principles of peace, the unification of the same message.

There are other parts of this, pieces of land that will be purchased, and other components where all of the details haven’t come in yet. The picture you see here, some pieces I’ve already mentioned, and some I have not for instance, what the presidential election has to do with any of this and who the “dream team is”. I call Judas by Judas rather than his birth name.

Up Ahead-Phase 1

When it comes to the schools, elementary schools will be built based on the fundamental principles of inner peace. A similar although not identical system to the of the Waldorf education system that already exists. These schools will be public/charter, not private.

Kids will be adapting the principles of inner peace, compassion and forgiveness into their everyday lives through education. The entire system will often contradict with what we’ve got going on now in our school system. As well as this, students will be implementing the applicable practices similar to ‘How to Become a Christ’ by Master La Valley in school. They will be unlearning the garbage of conditioning, and replacing it with learning related to their true, inherent, enlightened nature. Meditative practices, energy transmissions, etc, will be a part of these school programs.

As things move through the decades, the third waves and generations to come, in The Second Coming, will literally be woken up before they hit middle school. Many of these kids will already have extra sensory abilities, all of which will be intensively supported. Eventually, they will be born awake, that will happen in the years to come.

It appears that the prison implementation will be one of the first systems to be transformed since there is so much current focus in that area. What I plan to do, is as information comes in, I will do separate posts for each one. All that I am able to discuss, I will.

There is a lot of emphasis on where I live, the city of San Clemente. It appears many of the buildings/program implementation will start in San Clemente. Minus the prisons since there isn’t a prison in this city. It reminds me of the odd events leading up to me living in San Clemente all the way from Philadelphia 5 years ago. There is something very mysteriously captivating about this city. I’ll have to keep that story in mind for sharing in the future.

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