Q & A How to Tell if it’s Ego, Or God?

This makes me smile. It makes me think about the beginning parts of this trek especially over the last two years. I knew that I was God because I had heard it, but I hadn’t experienced it. I didn’t have a conversational relationship with God really unless I was needing something. Once I built one, I realized how many times in my life God had always been there, communicating with me all along, and I had no idea that that was indeed what was happening. Now, for me, there is only one voice I listen to, and there is isn’t confusion. All decisions I make are from God, from me. I ask no questions, and I do not have to understand the reasons for the decisions.

There is an illusionary small you that doesn’t really exist as a separate unit, and then there is God. So when you talk “to” God, you are talking to the real, whole, you. I always mention that, and it is important to understand that for purposes of writing, I flip into dualism. This means I will write about God and you. But understand I am doing that only to make explaining the unexplainable slightly more possible.

I remember when I wanted to understand how to hear the voice, I remember when I had trouble discerning between which voice is which. Ego or God? The good news is, you don’t stay permanently confused.

Questioner: How often does God speak to us?

Me:How often do you talk to yourself?

God is you remember? God is with you, communicating with you 24/7, God never is not communicating with you. If you are thinking God doesn’t care about which line you stand in at the grocery check out line, think again. If you allow God to, God is ready and willing to make all and every decision for you, if just you’ll first listen.

Let’s have fun with this. Here’s an example.

God tells you to stand in line 2 at the grocery store, you do it, no questions asked. That leads to meeting a nice lady who gives you her business card to become a future client for your new clothing line or whatever.

So you listen again to God, and call this lady even though you are afraid to pick up the phone (thats ego), but you ignore the fear and pick up the phone. A year goes by and this woman becomes friendly with you and suggests you go out on a date with her son.

You again, consult with God, you get a green light, you are scared, but you go out on that first date. After all, she turned into your top client for your business.

A few years later, you marry her son, and this stranger that turned into a client, now turns into your mother in law. And it all began because you listened to God’s suggestion to stand in line 2 at the grocery store.

How many moments are in a day, where an opportunity like this is possible? Unlimited moments of standing in a certain line, or walking into a cafe at a weird hour, or picking up the phone to call an old friend. Unlimited. God’s literally filled with unlimited guidance like this waiting for you, but you have to be willing to listen and not write off the present moment as insignificant.

Question: In the beginning of me trying to talk to God, I really couldn’t hear anything. How does God talk?

Me: God talks to people in different ways based on the way that they are a tuned to receive information. For instance, if you hate music, God wouldn’t use a song to communicate with you most likely, you (God) will use a different form of communication to talk with yourself.

God’s language is blocks of energy that exist before humans transmute it into words. Imagine a big large piece of data, shaped like a brick, composed of vibrating energy. The brick is bright neon blue and buzzing. Imagine that “knowingness,” that bright blue block, is then inserted into your mind. This energy block of knowledge, then gets transmuted into language by your brain and then you speak this knowingness into words through your mouth. When God communicates this way, it will come in as a wave of all encompassing knowing that radiates through every cell in your body. You wont know how you know, but you know you know.

God also uses symbols. They will be events, phrases, pictures, dates, names, that will suddenly trigger something in you. A sentence for instance. Let’s give an example

I had written down, just to be cute, that I was interested in seeing a dove, within the next 24 hours. My mistake for timing it. 2 weeks pass by maybe more and then…

There was the first time, where God (me) said to me

“It is time to go to Judas, and update him with the truth of how you are connected to him and what is to come.”

I didn’t want to believe this. So I said, Give me an irrefutable sign.

A sign that I would know directly was related to validating that I should go and speak to him.

An hour later I hop in my car and as I pull out onto the road, two doves land in front of my car on the street, about two feet away from my front tires. I almost ran over them, and I hopped out of the car to make sure that they were doves, and oh, that they were okay too. Little analytical me, still, asked for another sign.

An hour later, now fifty miles away from where I was originally, I am driving and curving around the road in Corona and suddenly, two feet away from my front tire, two doves land on the street exactly the way the first two had. I again, screech to stop the car, almost running them over, and get out to check to see that they were indeed again, two doves in the middle of the street in the same fashion that the first two doves had been.

Doves for me symbolize God and love, especially two of them. (Needless to say, I told Judas what God wanted me to say that night.)

God will also communicate through the people you meet throughout your day. People, very commonly are speaking from God, providing you with a message and do not even realize they are providing you that communication. But you’ll know. You’ll get the confirmation from God after they say what they say to you.

Speaking of confirmation, when someone says something, or you see a symbol or hear a song, that is from God, you’ll usually get chills, or goosebumps, some other physical sensation oftentimes, to validate the words that you are hearing, as information from God (you). You’ll get that indescribable sense of knowing over and over again. Some people get sensations like that occasionally, you’ll start to notice that the goosebumps, chills are happening all the time the more you strengthen your ability to hear God’s communication. People often refer to this mediator, this communicator as the “Holy Spirit”. I refer to God as God, I get the purpose of splitting God into the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, however, in truth they are humanistic mechanisms to explain 3 different illusionary “aspects” of God. There is no Father, no Son, and no Holy Spirit in truth. Those words are a way for you to wrap your mind around something you can’t really wrap your mind around, which is God! LOL I can’t help but ramble.

There are other ways too that God communicates, but the above ones I mentioned are the most common.

God will also loop back thoughts repeatedly so you get the memo.As the muscle strengthens and you listen to the God within, looping starts. Imagine a really excited child that says:

Mom I want to go to the playground.

Okay Jenny, I’m not sure if we can.

an hour later

Mom I want to go to the playground in an hour.

Over and over and over, her voice will ring till mom complies.

Not in a nagging way, but God will loop an energy block of thought if you choose to ignore it. So that it’s made sure that you act on the God advice or “Godvice” I like to call it.

For me going to the Agape international for instance was a looped thought. It took me two months to get there, and over and over the block of thought would show up, day after day to remind me of it’s importance.

And when I got there, there was a whole lot waiting for me once I arrived. Shoulda’ listened sooner.

Question: Well then it is only fair that I ask this. How does ego do it, communicate with us I mean?

Me: One word could use truly to sum it up is the ego communicates through fear! If i had to add another word, I would add separation. The ego isn’t all “bad” but for purposes of this post, we are talking about the “bad” ego aspects. You can count on a cup of fear and a bowl of separation before you head out to start your day in the morning if you listen to ego. Any thought, or idea that is keeping you worried, anxious, angry, suspicious of others, confused, guilty, righteous, discouraged, competitive, or judgmental, is from the ego mind. You’ll also notice, that the ego will often sound pressed for time, it wants you take action usually very quickly. It creates urgency. It prefers that you don’t wait for more information. It is very action oriented, and will attempt to make you fit a puzzle piece into a puzzle that was never meant to actually fit in that space. There is usually a lot of effort, hard work, and trying involved with guidance from the ego communication. Or, there can be a cold hard decision of suddenly cutting off someone from your life, or isolating yourself from others. The ego manifests in many ways, but it all comes from the root of fear. Now the ego is not “all bad”, just in cases when you allow it to become your master, it keeps you from what you want, which is usually to not suffer and experience peace, love and laughter.

Question: Well now I definitely have developed an understanding of how to talk to God, but I still can’t tell the difference sometimes. For instance, if I want to do something, anything, apply for a new job , say, I cant tell if that is my ego just wanting it or if its God’s instructions that I’m following. How can I tell the difference?

Me: A very simple way is to see if the thought, gives you peace, or fear. All of those ego descriptions that I used earlier, are all emotions/actions associated with the root of fear.

For instance, the ego will make you want a new job so that you can run away from your old coworkers and jump ship. Or, hurry up and get a new job so you can afford that car you wanted already although the new jobs that you’ve seen may be better money, but it doesn’t fit your desires for the ideal new job. So, the roots here are “isolation, and urgency”, both fear based emotions/actions, both from ego.

Now, if you feel that you’ve outgrown your job, or you’ve decided that it just isn’t a good match for the type of job that you want for yourself any longer, and those thoughts bring you peace, then it is safe to say that that’s communication that is coming from God (the real you).

Then what usually happens, is ego will still chime in on the other end, of telling you all the reasons why you can’t leave your job. Your partner will have to work overtime, you just refinanced, who will pick up the kids from school. All of those fear based thoughts, are again, from ego.

The list of examples goes on and on.

Always get honest with yourself when it comes to what it is that you know is the best decision for yourself. When the answer comes in, you’ll know what’s from fear and what’s from the real you.

Secondly, the ego is wanting you to be worried of making a wrong decision. Oh no what if I follow the egos advice and not God’s and get it wrong! You can’t make a wrong move with God. If you take the long way home, that’s okay too. You choose again in every moment, God doesn’t turn away and wave goodbye, better luck next time, good luck in life. God doesn’t speak to us 3 times a day, God speaks to us all the time. And once more with feeling, God is you. You literally get to choose again in the next moment, what a Course in Miracles calls “The Holy Instant.” See Chapter 15 in ACIM, Practicing the Holy Instant.

Question: A little off topic but, if the ego, instills fear, control and separation, and when its in charge and that is its purpose, then didn’t you just put the majority of the worlds religions into an ego container?

Me: You are right. That is probably a topic we should discuss in another blog post, and not to worry, we will go there:-)

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