The Ego does not Need to be Destroyed

Another common theme that I’ve heard over the last few years, is this one that I’ll talk about below. This blog over and over will repeat the same message in different forms. God is always in being love, observing the experience, being truth and being free. God is not concerned with judgement, should it be this way or that way? We as human beings do that stuff.

I’ve heard two main positions about the ego. One position is from people that say things like, “Oh I don’t want to become less of a human being and get rid of my ego, I don’t want to let this world go like enlightened people do.”

The other group says, “obliterate the ego and all illusions!”

Neither positions are on track for what it is collectively that we are trying to do here.

Is enlightenment about letting go of all participation and enjoyment of the world, and become totally egoless?

The ego is an illusionary tool, that is used in this world. It was a tool that for most has become the master of our mind. It keeps us thinking we are running out of time, it stops us from taking healthy risks, it keeps us in the “unhappy” marriage because it doesn’t want to “lose everything”. The majority of the population, lives from this place.

This ego is an illusionary master that we’ve allowed the mind to follow.

If one seeks truth, seeks to know God, it isn’t the ego, that needs to be UNDONE. It is the ego’s grip that needs to be undone, along with its manufactured attachment to its creations.

The things that we have come to identify with such as:

our partners

keeping up with being the “perfect mother”

Our neighborhood



Our income

How successful we are at our job

How attractive and fit we are

Again, there is nothing wrong, with food, sports or monetary success. But the attachment to it, the needing it, is the egos weapon to get us to become a prisoner to illusions. To craving more of it. All of it. To satisfy a craving that has no ability to be satisfied. And what happens next?

We suffer.

So if we are wanting to take a journey towards God (the real us), what needs to be undone is our obedience to the ego, and the thought systems that we are attached to, not the ego itself. Why would you obliterate something that doesn’t really exist anyway? It is like whacking a baseball bat in the air over and over again, pretending to hit a ball that isn’t really there. Kinda tiring.

The ego, illusionary and all, has a purpose. It is a temporary tool that aids us in navigating this temporary world. When you look at your body and see a hand, that you can differentiate from your elbow, that is ego doing that differentiating. When you put your left turn signal on in the car and hook a left on your way to work, thats ego. The ego takes measurements. With measurements there is always duality. You have to have two of something in order to measure one thing against another.

Left and Right

Hot and Cold

A little bit of time vs a lot of time

These are all measurements of the egos creation, and there is nothing wrong with that! In order to experientially be in this world, measurements like these are necessary.

When The Ego Becomes Believable

Now what happens to most is when the ego starts measuring, and differentiating, the person believes in the egos dream of separation. They see a body and not only see separation, they believe in the separation. This happens when we are babies for most of us. People also place value on what they see. They become identified with with what they see, and this creates egoic desire. When we have less money, we want more, and we feel less than x, unless we get more, so we suffer. When it takes longer at the Dr’s office, we want it to be shorter, and we become attached to this outcome of wanting it to take a shorter amount of time, and we suffer if we don’t get our desired outcome of “saving” time.

You Do Not Need to Obliterate all of Your Desires

That too, is a desire in itself, just sayin’.

To be enlightened does not mean you become desireless. Even Jesus had desires. He had the desire to speak, act and be the truth. He had a desire to teach. He had a desire to follow God’s Will and become one with God. In enlightenment you become a witness to your desires, you desire in an unattached way. There is a difference.

When you realize you are staring at a dream, you can use your ego as a tool to navigate the dream. Just the ego no longer uses you. It can aid you in keeping your body out of physical harms way. That is helpful. It can help you keep track of time, that can be helpful too when you’ve made plans to meet a friend for lunch. You see it is a tool, that you use when you need to.

The bottom line is the mind cannot have two masters. It is either ran by ego unreality, or God reality.

You don’t need to obliterate anything, and you don’t need to be consumed by it either. God always comes back to one of my favorite Buddhist terms, ‘The Middle Way.’ It isn’t in the doing ever, it is always in the being behind the doing or action. We don’t need to make black and white decisions on being only this way or only that way. God doesn’t work like that.

Although the world is an illusion, there is a purpose. The purpose is eventually to be an awake participant in the world, that observes, participates, but doesn’t become the dream he sees. He stays awake in the dream, not asleep.

There is no escapism needed. It is not about obliteration, but integration.




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