God is Like a Child

God has one agenda. Guess what it is? For us to be happy.

God Finds Joy In the Little things, straight up.

As my eyes over time widened more and more to the truth, I realized that none of it was actually little. None of it! I was simply asleep for so long, until I wasn’t anymore. Things that seemed insignificant at one point, suddenly became everything.

It’s funny, God’s Will involves one thing, for us to be truly happy. That’s it. One of the first things I noticed that changed, was a deep appreciation for everything, and I mean everything. I to some extent had been more a tuned to nature through out my life as well as being warm and open my entire life. But once I started to shift my mind into peace, everything became majestic for me. The morning dew, the sunrise, the crashing waves and its awe never left.

It felt like I opened up my eyes one morning for the first time after a deep sleep. As the mornings rolled on, I’d wake up long before the world, around 3:30 am (thats the time it is now), and just marvel at the quiet time that I had to start my day. I couldn’t wait to start my day. By the time my kids would wake up, I’d be (and still am) like a chirping little bird in their ear. “Good morning beautiful humans! How did you sleep? Tell me about your dreams.”

I still get long Grrrrroaaaans as a response for the first 30 minutes while my twins start to unhinge themselves from their pillows just about every morning.

The Joy of God is Seen as Unnatural to the Ego

I remember so many occasions especially over the last few years, that I just felt enamored with spreading and giving light, and laughter throughout my experiences with people I’d meet. As I innocently frolicked along from one group of people to the next, I couldn’t help but notice something. There almost always was a few people that would appear to be repelled by my happy.

I knew they were thinking, and trust me I knew.

Noone is really that happy give me a break.

Can she tone it down some, geeze.

For a hot moment, it was brief, I had some ego muck creeping up of feeling guilty for being happy! yup you heard correctly.

Feeling guilty for being happy.

Like forreal ego? Puhleeze!

I quickly got over it and realized that the ego, will always feel threatened by the presence of God. It’s goal is to divide and conquer the mind, and it does that through separation. So of course it would say things like, ” Steer clear from this over the top happy chick.” That’s how it works, through separation. It’s funny I too could flash back and realize in my less cheerful days, how annoyed I would become of someone’s cheerfulness. Of course I thought it was them, and not me. Now I realize it was because my vibration was so far away from theirs, I had pinched myself off from God so much that I was repelled by peace! Dang!

When I move about my day, I can’t help but smile at everyone in my path. I really can’t help it. I make eye contact, I never noticed before how difficult that was for me and just about everyone else. I also sing in public, and sometimes I even dance. I do, I really do. This kind of joy, this kind of freedom, expressed in a not so quiet kind of way, comes off as eccentric to the ego. It’s foreign. Of course!

The People Who are Closer to Your Vibration Will Join You.

There are always those people who are lurking on the happy edge. They were waiting for the perfect moment to set themselves freeeeeeee! So then I come along, in the next store, or gas station or restaurant. When I meet people hanging out closer to my vibes, its such an effortless exchange. Like too old lovers, catching up. I love all my people. But someone already pretty content, just the energy shared in those exchanges, is unforgettable. Whether its a laugh with a stranger, or my favorite cashier at the taco shop down the street, it’s again, majestic.

As God You Desire to only Create Value

As the mornings, became many mornings of waking up in some kind of joy that I had never felt before. The many mornings became many months. One thing that I couldn’t shake from my mind was to create value everywhere I go. Whenever I use the words value creation, I think of the lovely two years I spent being a part of a particular Nichiren Buddhism Organization. In a Course in miracles, value creation is best described as the phrase in the course, “I am here only to be truly helpful.” I might as well put the whole verse here from the course because it is so beautiful.

I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Him Who sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because He Who sent me will direct me.
I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.
ACIM pg 28. 18(8)

Overflowing with such appreciation that I could not shake, even with effort. I wanted to be out there. The joy was like and is a never ending station I could fuel up on. Or like this. There is 86,400 seconds in a day. Imagine for each second in every day, you watch your bank account increase by 1 million dollars. By 11:59 pm, you’ve accrued 8.6 Billion Dollars. Then, the next day, it starts all over again. It’d feel pretty unlimited, and I don’t know about you, but I’d be giving money away like it was nuthin’. I’d be giving out money all over town, because my bank account is always reset by the second. That is what this joy feels like. It’s unshakable. It’s overflowing. It’s infinite.

As you roll your eyes, and think of how its not real life to be happy all the time, I will leave you with this. This way of living, although it is the ultimate reality, the ultimate truth, it is very tough to see it as this. We have been so conditioned to believe in sacrifice, dissatisfaction and suffering as a “normal” human experience. Although we can say that that is at least true, most humans experience hard knocks and struggling for what you want often, therefore suffering, and “no pain, no gain” have been normalized. Suffering of any kind is not the truth. God never sacrifices, and God never suffers. Pain can be felt just like an experience of anything else. But suffering is an interpretation. It is a perception. If you are God in truth, then hasn’t there been some sort miscommunication?

Always Remember that There is only one of us really here.



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