When they Think You’re Cray, and that’s Okay

Or delusional, or on drugs, or in a cult.

See parts of this story, I did know about before it happened. I had hints to knew which people in my life would be on the in crowd when it came to this journey I was undertaking in the beginning. Meaning which people would hold space for me, whether they believed me our not, they just held space.

They either met me later in my life, or had a dis-identified relationship with me. What I mean by dis-identified, is they weren’t wrapped up in who I was in relationship to a particular identity that they associated me with. For instance, take my younger sister. She lived with me for the last two years, and our relationship is more like a close friendship rather me as “the big sister”. Because she wasn’t heavily wrapped up in the identity of the “sister” she was able to expand her mind further out into knowing me as a person who was going through a very intense spiritual something.

Same thing as my Aunt Helen. Now she isn’t heavily wrapped up in the identity of me being her niece, she is my best friend. So there is equality in the relationship, and no heavy identifications to skew perceptions. Same thing for my sister in law Laura. Closeness, and outside of the identification stuff of “big sister”.

The people who supported me, a few of them in some cases had, physically witnessed with their own eyes the transformation that I had started to undergo, and some of the miracles that had followed around my transformation. Since March, I was in this wonderful Course in Miracles discussion group with a lovely group of about 10 people in Tustin. Things were happening to me that you just couldn’t make up. These gems, my people, they were so close to the situation, and they nothing but provide arms of and support for I went through a tough transition (and ongoing). All the way down to me blurting out through tears, I’m Mary Magdalene and we are walking into the Second Coming of the Christ.

My group on Monday nights for How to Become a Christ. They hadn’t known me as long as the other group, only since July 2019, but they were going through their own physical processes of God-realization. They were going through their own transformations, and so many of them got it.

Then, there was everyone else.

My Grandmother, mother, and aunt and many other people that I shared the blog with a this particular time, that I didn’t know on a deep deep level. I will at least say, that when it comes to my mom, she’d go down defending me towards anybody till the end. Cuz ain’t nobody messin’ with my daughter you hear? Gotta love her for that momma cub stuff. There may still be judgement and misunderstanding, but underneath it, there is a deep loyalty that she has to me as her daughter. I do appreciate it. But my grandmother? My other Aunt? No. The capacity simply isn’t there to bring either of them to any level of understanding. So, naturally, they think I’m in a cult.

My twin flame would be supportive if I was around more, but he still doesn’t understand, and he also doesn’t have the capacity right now to understand. But he would at least like to understand on some level, so that he can again come to understand me. That I sense, so he gets points for that. But distance is just the right thing for now. Words don’t teach! I think that’s Abraham Hicks’ line actually.

So then, who is my people?

They all are in truth, my people. They are me. It’s all God.

Generally speaking even if someone is wrapped up in separation from the truth. Even if they are confusing love with fear, projecting judgements, demands, and guilt onto you, they don’t become not your people. Everyone is the Christ. Whether they realize this themselves or not, whether they live separately from God or not, caught up in the illusion of separation, of judgement and of fear, they are still God. It all is.

Now, does that mean that I or you entertain their misperceptions, entertain their dream of separation, of duality? Nope. We just see them clearly, for the truth of who they are in every moment.

Does it mean that I have to keep them all physically close to me during this process that I’m going through? Nope. The body’s that separate us have nothing to do with how near or close we are to another.

Does it mean that I love them not because I choose to be physically distant? Nope, in truth there is no distance in the mind of God.

Love has nothing to do with how near someone is in your life or not. It also has nothing to do with entertaining, placating, or being obligated to comply out of family obligation, guilt or anything else.

On another note, Speaking of being Called Crazy…

If Jesus Never Called Himself God, How did He Become One?

As I took that in, I said this to myself.

Do you really think you’ll realize your true nature, if you are too afraid to tell the world who you are?

Now I had already done so much cleaning out, and so much healing. That fear within me is very faint. When the news came in that I had to upload the youtube video the night I found out what my mission was for the Second Coming, from that moment on, the next step was to always tell the truth even to more of an umpteenth degree that I had.

What is it again?

I am God, and so are you.

God is love and so are you.

See people with Jesus missed that what Jesus really did was Jesus realized his true nature and shared it with the rest of us. That’s it! That’s what he did. It’s the nature that all of us posses, but we are walking around as God with amnesia remember? He done WOKE UP. Then he had to not keep the information to himself, see you have to proclaim it once you know it. Not because it makes you special but because it is the truth!

So I told the truth. And the more I said it, the more I became it, and I’m still becoming it, every day and every moment. For the realization of God through the eyes of human separation is a journey.

What is God?

Love. Unconditional, the eternal essence. That’s it.

But Wait!

Was I willing to proclaim this at the expense of everyone thinking I’m crazy except the 15-20 people I mentioned? Hell to the Nizzy, yes. (leave me be, I make up words!)

At the expense of losing some friends, and having physically distant relationships with family members? Damn Skippy.

At the expense of no one believing me!? Of course!

By why! Why! WHY?

Because it’s all God for me now. I’m too far into the God journey to turn back. That is what happens. It’s what will happen to you when you want it to, or perhaps its already started. When this journey back home to love picks up momentum, it is the only journey you want to be on. You are consumed with the truth, with peace, with knowing the God that you are. You are willing to put anything on the line for the truth of who you are. You’ll look crazy but you see the world clearer and clearer with each yes you give to loving unconditionally. You can have your entire family and network angry with you. You can have anything taken away from you. Anything. Because you know what happens next.

Everything that comes back, comes back in truth. Comes back as God.

Nothing Real Can be Threatened.

Nothing Unreal Exists.

Herein Lies The Peace Of God

ACIM Introduction 2.

There is only one of us here.

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