Sacred Valley Peru: Let there be Light.

This is a continuation of my previous blog post, that may make more sense to read before reading this one.

Final Ayhuasca Ceremony: Part 2

Now that I accepted the fate that lie before me, I felt a new whoosh of free space enter my mind. The story gets much lighter from here. In fact it becomes only light.

In the darkness, I now for the first time ask for help and yell from a voice I didn’t recognize.


He entered my energy wrapping his essence around my own. For the first time I was able to have a moment in this process to be the one being taken care of, or at least, it felt like the first time. I slumped over on my cot, my body conformed halfway in fetal position and halfway kneeling, and let him speak. With no words. From mind to mind, he runs through all of the scenes of everything that had happened over the last year, to give me his own, very personal, heart to heart validation. Like a checklist. Validation that was as sure as sure could be, but receiving the validation was overwhelming for my human body.

Finally it was time for him to silently nod and confirm as if I didn’t already know, my consciousness being of Mary Magdalene, his wife, and me being the responsible initiator for setting Yeshua’s original message straight.

Sobs so loud escaped me. Oh my God. It’s me, I have such a huge responsibility, Oh my God. I was immediately brought back to the same emotions that I thought I had mended on Aug 24 the night I found out about my responsibility of the Second Coming, but they were still there.

In receipt of the the news all over again, I allow for my body weaken, to crumble back onto the cot and I physically surrender to what was coming next, for at this point, I had figured out what the Grand Finale would be.

Yeshua continues.

Are you ready to meet God fully Jasmine?

Are you ready, to become God fully Jasmine?

I’m ready.

I lay back and immediately my soul exits my body, suspended well into the air. In the physical and emotional surrender, I see life, all of life, variations of my own life, on a panoramic screen with no beginning and end. The feel was encapsulated with much so with a soft, flowy, feminine energy. There were those same old timey’ Mickey Mouse movie clips flashing by again, but instead of one, there were in an infinite number of screens playing different scenes of my life, past, present and future. It was if these little scenes were collectively all melding and fluidly moving together, as if it made no sense to hone in and only focus in on one screen, or life movie one clip. They were all interwoven. Like a patchwork quilt waving in the wind, like a a flag on a pole outside of your grandma’s house.

Within these little mini movie patches, there were these miniature women dressed in bright colored, native clothing, but they didn’t look like women, they looked like the little dolls from the It’s a small world ride in Disney World. As they held each tapestry of life up on each screen, they sensed my fear.

You don’t need to do a thing but relax into this. The more you surrender, the less fear you bring with you into this experience.

They were so gentle with their words.

I’m not sure how much longer they continued dancing and twirling around, but then I felt my true essence expand outwards like a balloon with no ability to ever pop. The energy of God funneled around my body, and I felt the sensation of a whoosh that felt like the top of my head was missing, as the funnel of energy continued to rain down into my physical system. I felt one by one, my chakras awaken to receive the energy that continued now to expand and fill up the entire room. I had completely become total within the web of God and within the web, all other twenty something bodies in the room that I was experiencing all of this next to, were within this web. I could feel the unconditional pulsating love course through my heart along with a strong chord connecting each pulsating heart to mine in unison. It was clear, that there was only one of us in the room, and just now for the first time, I embodied that one in full.

In other news, back in ceremony, Sam, across from me, the guy that had the darker experience on the first part of the Ayahuasca ceremony, was still having his fits directly across the room.

And then I get a message.

Now you see what it feels like when your body becomes a temple for just me? Now I’m going to walk over there, and put my hands on Sam, if he lets me. All you have to do right now is completely surrender to the plan.

I nod.

Now as the energy funneled and settled closer to my body, my human egoic consciousness was in the background, watching God completely in charge of my body. My egoic consciousness was now in the back seat as I watched God breathe me, and open my body’s eyes for me. God was fully the observer, and had now taken on the role of also being observer and the doer, by my willingness to take the backseat. I could see this fresh, naked awareness now as God stared down at my body, going through each body part as if God was playing with fingers, knees and elbows for the first time. Almost like sticking the soul of a newborn into a 33 year old’s body and asking them to now drive to work. Wow, whats a stick shift? You can hear the Newborn say.

I continue to watch as God becomes acquainted with my body.

Now I’ll take this leg and arm and prop the body up and slowly walk over towards Sam.

It was as if there were two simultaneous viewpoints of perspective. One was mine, the human Jasmine as it pertains to space and time, and the other perspective was God’s. Then there were two screens running at the same time. The high energies of the God of me pulsated throughout the entire room on one screen. But simultaneously to that, I could feel the separated energy surges pulsating through others experiences in the room on the other screen. And with it was this easy, tantalizing temptation, you could call it the ego’s bait, trying desperately to get the higher energies of God to come down and join it in its, slower and lower vibrational energy.

Aha I thought. This is the Ego’s M.O. This is what it means to be tempted by the “devil”, the ego. In every moment you must make a choice to stay with the higher energies of God, because in space and time, all around you, you are surrounded by, not that. You are surrounded by the manifested separation of God.

To act and be as God is a MOMENT to MOMENT continuous CHOICE.

I always knew that but, Dayum. Now I knew it.

Now more messages.

Jasmine, Now we are going to go over and I will quietly ask Jake permission to help Sam.

God stands up my body up, and there were two distinct energetic circular waves, the wave that I described earlier, that expanded outwards towards the entire room. and then about seven feet around my body, a God force that was energetically like nothing I’d felt before. It was as if anything a person touched or spoken to within that seven feet vortex, would energetically turn to Gold, if they were willing to receive the energy of God within their human experience.

I turn to Jake, no nerves, but I could feel the slower, sluggish energy circulate around him and through him. I turn to him and put my arm around his shoulder so strongly feeling his energy that felt so far away from me.

I’m just here to help Sam, God’s here, its okay.

With a look of slight confusement Jake responds back with the same classic response that all of the facilitators had already rattled off to me before.

Please stay with your own experience, and go back to your mat.

As I turn, I immediately heard,

You see Jasmine when God is denied, when they don’t see you for who you are, you respect their free will.


Over and over this was repeated to the point where I was saying it out loud to anyone who would listen.

We are going back to your cot. All you can do is extend what you are to them, if they deny you, you leave them alone and bless them to have their own experience.

It was all just so gentle. God didn’t feel rejected, or even sad that someone couldn’t see God clearly. There was only an unlimited reserve of care and compassion that came forth from God’s essence.

And Jasmine, this was the final prediction that I gave you remember?

What do you mean?

Well in the first ceremony, I told you to tell Jake thatGod will show up at the end of the week, remember?” Let me guess you weren’t expecting it to mean you!? After all this, you still expected something else outside of you to show up and physically manifest didn’t you? Of course it meant you! Duh

I lay back on my cot, generously almost cracking my head from the force.

Well I guess I was still expecting fireworks on the ceiling and chubby angels sent from the heavens to show up as part of the God experience.

We chuckle together me and God, me with me, God with God, me as God.

Now I knew the how behind the miracles that my body would be a vessel for over the months ahead. The God energy vortex around my body was a complete layer of protection, as long as I chose to stay in the highest God energies, I could easily run through a blazing fire to save someone without a scratch on me, or stop a Tsunami from destroying half of a city without breaking a nail. It all sounded so non casual and super hero-ish, and yet as I rattled it off at the mouth, I could see how none of this was an actually big deal. It was all natural effects to the being the cause. The causality of God would result in the rules of this world to completely disappear. It really was, an after effect to accepting the truth of what I was, which was…. God. God was bound by no-thing and it was NO-BIG-DEAL.

Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.

I feel it. I get it. I am it.

Thanks for the manual big G, you know it was all I needed in order to do the dirty work. Just give me the flippin’ manual.

As I was beaming with gratitude, the next morning, I had a moment to love up the Shaman’s in a photo before the group went on our final adventure, Huachuma.

Huachuma’s Happy Ending

All relaxed and rested up from the night before, The next day brought a San Pedro/Huachuma ceremony in the wilderness. I watched the group I was with gleefully trudge along in the tall grass ahead of me I realized that in that exact moment, I had closed in on phase two of my journey.

And what was phase two?

I had won one battle within myself.

The battle of doubt, The battle of uncertainty, and from this elimination of doubt, the sacred feminine became pregnant with the power to give birth to the manifestations of all visions and information that I had become aware of over the last year.

It was time now to go into labor, and give birth. It was time for action. Personally Jasmine’s favorite part. Action, A lot of it.

I look around at the mountains looking too perfect to be real, clenching my phone and welcoming this new shift of phase three with open arms as my deep house music thudded in my eardrums making the whole scene come alive just a tad bit more.

I watched the group that I was with line up to march home in a single file line. I knew in a day, my march back home was a walk towards the beginning of the beginning. 2020 and all of the severe internal and external transitions about to take place.

In the last wee phases of stage two, I had watched my human death and accepted it fully, I had allowed all of God to flow through me fully realizing the infinity of it all. Because I’d come to know that, no one in truth was really dying. I always heard it, but now I knew it.

As I stared out the window on the plane ride home, still integrating all of what happened on that final night. More news came in.

Just like Yeshua, and yet with a different twist, I would die and rise again.

But the twist in what I saw was, I would get to stay for as long as I chose. And what I chose is to live out the rest of my physical life and have all of my old human dreams come true. It looked like in this vision would raise Lucy, I would watch my other kids grow up, and I would grow old with Judas. Not old old, but old enough. I had fully accepted the first alternative, that all of my human dreams would all go away, and be given up, but I was now invited to know the truth of what would actually occur. I would die as a human, resurrect, and but be born as God fully, and I could choose to stay.

As warm tears welled up, I’m thinking I’ve got no more fluid in me to shed a tear. They were Thank You tears. Thank you Shaman’s, Thank you Yeshua and Thank you God. And lastly, Thank you human me for my bravery.

Just like I had always read, and just like I was always told.

I gave up nothing, to gain everything.

I was willing to give up all of my human, and the Kingdom of Heaven more and more became mine as the days went by.

Let go and let God.

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