A Walk in Miracles: Launch Day

Wow. Time flies when your’e having fun. Or surprisingly it also flies when you are walking in the Valley endlessly day after day. After a very long 3 week interval after Peru of missing my kids, watching the Holidays pass by and feeling empty of all of my family routines and comforts, I was so happy for Dec 31 to arrive.

The night before me and Sabryna lie in bed and I could hardly sleep. I woke wake up and feel and hear ‘my team’ all around me. My team of God in various forms. Jesus, The Buddha, Mother Mary, and Arch Angel Michael. I could feel the hot vibrations of energetic upliftments pouring through every space and cell in my body as I lay there falling into the arms of the nonphysical. When the team works on me, it has become my favorite comfort during the day, although they especially do their thing at night.

Sabryna creaked her head my way in her blacked out bedroom.

I heard God whispering about you all night.

I know, they were working on me, preparing me.

Gosh her God listening skills had quadrupled in just a few short months. I couldn’t help but feel like a proud Momma.

The following day, I said my Goodbyes as we arrived at Olympic and Lincoln, the start of route 66. As I hugged Sabryna through her sobs, we both knew the world was about to become a very different place in a very short amount of time. We both knew how different everything would be once we saw each other again.

I step foot on the path just as the sun was setting on New Years Eve. For the first time, I felt a little nervous. It was the same feeling I felt when I drove in the middle of the night with a trailer hitched with my 3 kids in the back of my SUV, from Blackwood, Nj to California six years ago. The mystery in all of the unknowns of the new path that lay before me. There’s a natural nervous nelly feeling that develops under the skin, or at least my skin.

Route 66 was hard to get a hold of at the start of it in Santa Monica, so I just decided to start walking down Olympic and plug a route 66 address that would be several miles ahead. Then, and only then after I started walking did the Godvice instructions start.

Take breaks when you need to, but this first night, you will walk to Glendora.

I carefully popped into Mapquest the whereabouts to where Glendora was located. 40 miles from where I stood. My nerves disappeared in that moment, because at least I had my next set of instructions. Sure hard to walk continuously for almost 24 hours but, I knew me and I knew what the number 40 represented. For me, this was my 40 days and 40 nights, except mine was a 6-8 month walk across the country instead of a month in the desert, (although, I’d be hitting some desert of my own soon.)

Midnight came, as I arrived at some sketchy areas past Wilshire blvd.

This is it, Oh my Jazz, it is really here. 2020. Happy New Year.

Anytime I saw well lit front steps of a Church, I stopped to sit my sore butt cheeks down on the freezing cement. I was well aware how cold it could’ve been during the day and it’d been 70’s ever since I started, but with night time, it was now cold. Each time I stopped it was bitter suite. I’d feel the lactic acid build up finally catch up on my sore calves and quads. I was hurtin’ in places I didn’t know you could hurt, like my shins?

As the hours passed 1, 2, and finally 3am, I trudged along and I made the mistake of checking my cellphone to see how far. Except I checked too many times. The last 15 miles or so, were the hardest. Around 4 am, my teeth were chattering, and tears streamed down my face as I slowly staggered along Huntington Blvd.

God, I just need 30 minutes, an hour, I’m just so cold, I can’t walk anymore. I was in some bedroom community in the beginning of the Valley, not a single soul in sight. I came across a little dog park, on the backside of someone’s house, with a ledge that I thought might make me invisible underneath it if I scrunched down small enough in fetal position.

As I lay there, making my coat a pillow and hugging myself for warmth, I was not anywhere near sleep. I kept flashing to see visions of Jesus/Yeshua, standing there, half dead in the desert, thirsty, and tired but determined to rid himself of what did not serve his future journey. Somehow I thought my journey would be easier, and in some ways it was. Perfect time for some light conversation when you’re freezing, tired, and can’t move for a little while.

Hey Yeshua.


So lets compare our journey’s.

Oh,here we go.

So to share my message so blatantly in your world 2000 years ago would’ve been something you would’ve been killed for?

Well, I WAS killed remember?

Yes exactly my point. and now in 2020, I can at least speak freely, so your journey was harder than mine in that regard. You couldn’t be as forthcoming about your truth as I can now.

Yes but Jasmine, yours is more difficult in this way. Conditioning is much more potent at this time in the world. It wasn’t completely unordinary to do what I did 2000 years ago. To give up all of my possessions and follow the word of God and wander for 40 days. But in 2020, for a 33 year old woman to give up her ‘everything’ to follow the word of God and walk across the country is what people in todays world just don’t do. And it has to do with the sludge of attachments and thought systems, relationships, jobs, cars, houses, religion, status symbols (especially motherhood) etc that cover up the realization that the awareness of the truth of Heaven within the human being is to be still be awakened under the layers. Many in your day do not hear God speak to them, so someone who claims such a dramatic trek all on hearing the word of God, well it’s a foreign concept for most. So when it comes to level of difficulty, you could say it all evens out. The world is constantly evolving upwards and yet with that comes staggering conflicts and a birth of a new set of conflicts along with it. Our journeys were equally as challenging based on the time in which the journeys took place my love.

My love.

I look down at the wedding ring on my hand that Yeshua told me to buy a day before leaving.

He said that day. It’s a symbol for you to look down at whenever you feel lonely, or like you’ve lost your way on your journey. He said. I give you this ring as a symbol of your commitment to your path and yourself. It is also a symbol of how much I love you and am with you every step of the way.

I hug my coat tighter. Well I’m not even sure why I asked to compare our journeys right now, I should’ve asked for some words of comfort.

45 minutes later, with tears still streaming down my face I pick my heavy noggin’ up.

Well sleeping isn’t working out too well, I guess I should get up now?

Yeah, that’s a good idea.

I stand up, and stagger on like the only survivor of a hard won war. Hours pass, And as the sun begins to rise between the mountains, I hit a little horse community called ‘Arcadia.’ It was like a scene from any movie. The purple and pink hues peaking through the leaves. Just me, the mountains, the birds and my very sore feet.

Feet. Damn you feet! Nice try. I got your number ego.

The ego’s tempts to distract me into suffering with bodily aches and pains.

It reminded me of Lesson 199 in the Course, I am not the body, I am free.

Oh ego, your temple is the body. duh!

The moment The aches and pains start, my mind chatter starts along with it and sounds something like.

Take a break.

You’ll never get there.

You’ll freeze.

You’ll hurt something.

In the last 24 hours, when I bought the bait and focused on the body, for a glimpse I’d forget what all this is for.

I am not a body. I am free. I hear the Voice that God has given me, and it is only this my mind obeys.ACIM W-199

It’s now day 4 as I write this, (oh and I did make it to Glendora in one piece). I’ve continued to walk and stopped in San Bernardino for the day today.

There is something about that first night and how this all started. The challenges ahead will be there, but I can see the beginning stages of this journey are truly a continuation of the challenges within me.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within, and it is an inner battle to realize this truth, until it isn’t anymore. A part of me can’t wait till the battle is over, and there is no more struggle. And yet the larger part of me is deeply enjoying the ‘humaness’ of this whole process that I’m going through. The talking to God like God’s my buddy rather than me, sometimes I even enjoy whining to God I think. Overall, walking those 40 miles that first day and night, set the tone for what’s possible.


I’m now mid into day 4 resting in San Bernadino with a start time of 530 am tomorrow morning.

I imagine walking through the El Cajon jct is going to be an ‘interesting’ time.

You get the desert Yeshua and I’ll take the mountains and the desert. Team work.

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  1. I was at the Bagdad Cafe today and heard about your walk. Thanks for sharing your journey! Please update soon.


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