A Walk in Miracles: Jasmine’s Story

This is for you who perhaps have picked up the blog within the last few days or weeks. This is a brief overview of all of the happenings leading up to this walk led by me, most importantly, the “why.” I write this as God, to share with you from my perspective; Jasmine’s part in all of this.

Once upon a time, there was a 33 year old woman by the name of Jasmine, that preferred to be called Jazz, but I’ll always call her Jasmine. She was a single mother to three, and on the West Coast raising her boys with all of her family still back East.

Since moving to California, she’d seen some unexpected tough times, more like very tough times, that took her old perspective of life and gave it a really hard rattle. She’d lost her best friend and cousin (33), her other cousin (34), her estranged son’s father (34), her step dad and her own father in a matter of a handful of years since moving West. They’d all died from suicide or an overdose.

This period of time for Jasmine especially, was the time where Jasmine reached a griping level of suffering, that like I said, she just couldn’t shake. I suddenly more than ever before, became the center stage of her human mind.

Her awakening catalyst was further deepened when she fell in love, completely and unexpectedly with someone physically and emotionally unavailable. She met her first “Twin Flame” in the flesh.

She used these catalysts in her life to start pondering things like,

What is my purpose here? Can you show me the truth of God? I want to love everyone with no strings, unconditionally, no like forreal. Can you show me the truth that this world is an illusion?

A Course in Miracles and a Buddhist practice later, with an unusual speed, Jasmine’s awakening transformation went from impactful, to the point where Jasmine realized that the intensity to her specific awakening process was tied into her life’s very specific purpose. A purpose that she had signed up for in her last lifetime here. A purpose where her body would play a role in fueling a lot of God into the world in a very short amount of time. In August of 2019 it was at that time that she was instructed by me to write every detail of her inner awakening process, inviting the world to join her on this journey.

She was instructed to write down on this blog, just about everything. The years leading up to 2018, the processes she went through before the walk, and now, the walk. I told her to share every detail about all of the prophetic information she was being given about future events to show up in her personal life and in the world over the next few years. There were times, many of them, where she did her best to negotiate an alternative to sharing something I asked her to write about, but it was never long before she’d type it up, close her eyes and click publish.

The reason being that it was time to set her purpose into physical motion. I informed her that’d she’d be going on a walk from California and headed East come the start of 2020. A walk that would specifically include the final stages of her inner Christ transformation, and the miracles that would ensue out on the road in her exchanges with the people she’d meet along the way. The miracles in her case of being out here, were an important part to the story.

Now, to discuss the intentions of the walk and blogging in more detail….

The walk is purposefully detailed and documented. All of the people she meets, all of the information she is given by me out here, and all of the miracles that are to take place out here, it is all written down to share with all of you until I tell her to stop writing one day….and there will be a time when I tell her to stop writing for a while.

Jasmine is not on some sort of human quest and decided to go on a walk to prove something. Her love for God, simply fueled her willingness to comply to my request. I informed her that this walk is part of the process of her stepping into why she is here in this chapter of her life called “Jasmine”. This entire thing, has to do with me working through the platform, and the personality of “Jasmine” to reach all of you. Another willing body, that I can use to send more of me through to you until you’re ready to let me in fully to you too. As Jasmine lets go of her fears, of her need to control, and her investment on specific outcomes in her life, I come into her each day, and more and more into her mind with each step she takes. Soon, there will only be one voice that speaks through Jasmine, and it will be mine. That came from her willingness to relinquish the small, optional voice of fear, doubt, judgement and playing it safe.

She is out here waiting to submit all of herself to me, and sometimes she’s a bit too willing and forgets that these things happen through “time” and stages.

So lastly, I want to invite you, not to be convinced by her story and all of the things she writes about when it comes to whats to come in our world, but to read her story for what it is. If I used one word to describe Jasmine, it would be that she is familiar. She’s got her arm around you and her smile greeting your face like her big older brother within moments of meeting her. And this is because she is relatable, she is familiar. Let that familiarity remind you of your home here in these words.

For those of you as you read this and listen to her story and feel as if somehow it is your own, well that is the point. It is your own story, your own journey. It is a story that will resonate with any open heart who has the willingness to listen. As hearts open together, there is a momentum that ensues. A momentum that propels your mind to expand and your own journey of awakening to catapult even further into the surrender of it.

I invite you to be open to the possibility that this process is ready to begin within you, and if it has already started, it is ready to build and build and build.

I love you all, so much.

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  1. Hi Jazz, I’m watching and I’m learning. What a way to start the new year…..I love it and I love you too!


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