A Walk in Miracles: The Miracle of Love

Welcome Home

It had been a long, and therapeutic two weeks in the Mojave when Jasmine received very clear guidance from me. I told her to stop walking and to call Michael to come get her. Her surprise to how soon I asked her to be picked up was noted, many times by her.

 Yo God, But I thought the whole point was I was to walk? Are you sure I’m hearing you correctly? She’d say over and over. Yet she could feel the energy as she trudged up the Oatman Mountain, pointed in the direction of Kingman AZ. Her surroundings were about to take a shift, and she knew that it would begin with meeting Michael face to face. She could feel it.

She had met Michael over the summer through joining the ‘How to Become a Christ’ zoom group and like two souls that have met so long ago, they could feel the closeness then that grew as the months continued on. He was the first person that I instructed her to tell in the group about her consciousness being Mary Magdalene, what I had told her that was to come for the world, and what was happening to her during her awakening process. She confided in him, and from the moment he merged with her energy, he saw the Christ in her, because he’d already known the Christ in himself so well for his entire life. As their love grew, Jasmine did a wonderful job of burying her love for him out of confusion. She loved Ben (Judas) with every fiber in her being, and yet she couldn’t shake the knowingness and the power of the love behind Michael and herself.

As she waited to get picked up from Michael in Kingman Arizona, it dawned on her that in her resistance to expressing her love for Michael, that she was not loving Ben unconditionally like she thought she had been. She realized that to truly love Ben, meant to also, truly love Michael. In the letting go of the temporary egoic love, the special love, only then, can the good, the God, the Holy relationship come in and be realized. The good can only be recognized for what it is when all else, is let go.

She sat in the bathroom with her hands covering her face and cried. Because she knew she had to step into her feelings for Michael and surrender to the love she felt with him the moment that they would meet in body just a few hours later.

As the first day went and they met with nerves and feelings of excitement flying through them like out of control fireworks, she came to me, more than once and she said, So God, what are we supposed to do now that we’ve met? Knowing the bigness of the energy and yet not getting any specific instructions from me yet. So I answered her.

Let your heart lead with the love you feel and surrender into it fully. Relax with him. Love him. And feel all of it. Let the mystery unfold.

And that’s exactly what she did.

As they lay in a sea of love day after day, both of them soaking it up like two lovers being away from each other for so long,

Jasmine turns to Michael in bed, and glares at him with such love. Tonight, God, me, we have one request.

Michael: Oh yeah, and whats that?

To just be you Michael. Talk as Michael. Tell me the story of your life as Michael. Just…be…Michael.

Jasmine had noticed how comfortable he was in the higher energies. How comfortable he was to talk in the third person about Michael, but despite his deep connection with God, and love, there was a layer of disconnection that she couldn’t help but feel. As much as she admired his devotion to the Christ within himself, she noticed that Michael was not comfortable as Michael, he was only comfortable in ‘Godliness’.

Michael looked up at her as if he’d wanted to hear those words his entire life. Jasmine continued.

….And from that space of being fully you, thats where people find their bridge of connection within themselves. To let go of their discomforts about themselves, to hide nothing and embrace all of themselves. Because by being fully you, you give them that invitation and it creates a bridge of connection from you to them. We are fully God, and Fully human Michael. God is both, God is all of it.

As tears filled his eyes, he looked at her and in that moment, walls with locks and deadbolts around his heart, came crashing down in one holy sentence of truth.

He looks up at the ceiling. That’s the one thing I’ve struggled with so much, is believing that Michael, and my story as Michael, that it is enough, that is worthy of love and recognition. That I’m enough.

They embraced for what was sure to be the thousandth time as he shared about his first love and heartbreak. Jasmine wiped the warm tears from his eyes as his heart expanded in embracing his own pain of the past.

Michael suddenly sits upright in bed and Jasmine sits crosslegged infront of him. The tone of his voice changed, his eyes seemed to changed, Jasmine wasn’t quite sure.

He begins to carefully speak and looks Jasmine directly in the eyes.

As you continue to come into knowing who you are, the love that you are, you will continue to be a bringer of truth, a bringer of so many many miracles. You will do much more than I ever did for this world. My Mary, you are so loved.

As Jasmine continued to look at Michael and he continued to speak, she could feel the energy, she knew it well. It was Jesus/Yeshua, so strongly surging through Michael’s body. She stared at his face and couldn’t tell the difference. Michael and Yeshua had merged as one. Michael was Yeshua and Yeshua, Michael. Suddenly Michael’s eyes widened as if he is looking at someone else in the room.

Ohhhh. His body began to shake and he collapses in Jasmine’s lap.

What. What happened?

Michael eventually regains his composure.

I saw Yeshua, in light form, I saw him, but it was more than that. I was purely in the oneness, I was Yeshua….As he continues to shake, He takes a pause. No words could provide an explanation for what just happened.

In the first days of Jasmine and Michael’s in person union, Jasmine spent time explaining in detail how the process of Jasmine finding out that she was the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene came about.

It all began with a past life regression session, and that unlocked something inside of me. It was days after that Mary Magdalene came in and I didn’t want to believe it.

Back in each other’s arms in bed after Jesus came through, Suddenly the tone of the room changed along with Michael’s facial expression. I have something to tell you. You know when Yeshua said, you will do so much more than I ever did, he was talking to me too. I’ve had hints all my life…but I didn’t want to believe that it was a possibility.… His voice trailed off a bit and Jasmine knew, without knowing what he was about to say.

Last summer, around the time I met you, I had a past life regression done too and… he looked at her. Jasmine started to tremble and she turned her back to face the wall in bed. He didn’t have to finish the rest of the sentence. She suddenly turns to face him. How could you? How could you let me go through all of this alone and you knew? God told me that you were Jesus and I didn’t want it to be true, when I asked you about it, Don’t you remember I asked you, you told me no. Why didn’t you tell me?

He held back his body from shaking uncontrollably with all of his strength for that had been the first time he’d said it out loud.

It was the first time Michael accepted, that he was the reincarnation of Yeshua, of Jesus Christ.

He lifts his head to make eye contact with her. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to believe it myself like you, I saw it as a possibility that I was unwilling to accept as the truth. I just…. didn’t…. feel ….worthy. Tears welled up in his eyes as he gazed backed at her.

As Jasmine laid there wrapped in his arms, it was now 2:22 in the morning, and they were both wide awake surging with the energy of God around them and through them. An uncontrollable surge of suppressed memories, of hidden sorrow filled the room. Jasmine was now standing at the foot of the cross, looking up at her slain Jesus, sobbing, but not as Jasmine, as Mary. It was Mary’s pain, her human pain of losing her husband so many years ago, of suppressing her own pain for the greater good. As it came up, she had never fully allowed the pain to consume her until that moment. Mary came through and gut wrenching sobs escaped her throat. Yeshua held Mary and rocked her back and forth as she sobbed. She cried until it all left her, the fear, the longing, and all of the sorrow of losing her beloved Jesus so traumatically.

Mary continued to cry, but for a different reason. As she laid in the dark wrapped in Jesus’ arms, She felt the presence of Judas surround her, and she became ridden with guilt and confusion. But I love you both and I feel so guilty. Mary buries her face in the pillow under her head. Yeshua turns to Mary, Even 2000 years ago, you loved us both and you were with the both of us, me and Judas. She looks down at the wedding ring that Yeshua told her to buy before she started her walk. She knew loving Judas and Yeshua and being with them both was the truth 2000 years ago, and that nothing had changed, she still loved them both, and loved them as one.

Yeshua continues,

You have my blessing to follow your heart and to be with Judas in form if that is what your heart wishes. I love Judas too….I love you both. You have my blessing. Just follow your heart.

The two loves of all of her lifetimes had both played their parts in her Christ journey as Jasmine. Ben (Judas) had been the catalyst to coming home to herself, and Jasmine came home to herself through the healing that Ben provided the space for Jasmine to embrace within herself. Then Jasmine’s Walk in Miracles led her and right into Michael’s loving embrace. In his eyes, she finally saw herself as pure love, as who she had always been. Through the eyes of Yeshua, she saw herself as God.

She realized that in love, she didn’t have to make a decision. She didn’t have to choose anyone but continue to grow the love that was already present within its holiness. She chose both Judas and Yeshua. Both Ben and Michael. Where life would take her in body would be God’s Will, and yet what always mattered was always the love that encompassed no limitations and extended to all. That is in essence what a Holy relationship is. The extension of love behind all form.

As their eyes locked, their energies merged. Michael pleasured Jasmine in ways that were incomprehensible to her. She’d never been brought to a climax in her life. Not from her own attempts at pleasuring herself with her hands, or anyone else’s. And for the first time, she felt her legs quiver and her body brace for climax. She’d never came close before, and she realized that her first time of complete surrender was always to be in the arms of her beloved. As their bodies glided together expressing their love for each other, their hearts moved to the rhythm of oneness until the sun came up.

Jasmine looks at Michael with more tears filling her eyes and with such certainty, she speaks. I love myself. I… I…really really do. She feels a huge surge of energy enter her body and her body becomes completely lightened. All of her pain, her guilt, the weight of unworthiness, all of her fear, for that night, was gone. In Michael’s arms, Jasmine came home, to herself.

Jasmine came home. Michael came home. Yeshua and Mary became one. They came home to me by realizing that I’d never left, the love was always there. I had always been there. Jasmine’s Christ story ended in a love story. And yet, the end of the story is just the beginning of truth.

The truth of me. The truth that patiently waits for you to realize that I’m here, and I’ve always have been here for you, yes….you. Waiting for you to recognize me in all of the empty spaces within your heart that you will allow me to enter into.

The greatest miracle of all is but not a miracle at all, but the most natural, most familiar and most whole state that you could ever embody. Love is in truth the actual state of what it is to truly be you. It is the actual state of of who you are. There are no boundaries, and no limits to your extension of the love that you are. And being who you are, in Holy relationship with in truth, yourself, has the power to create worlds.

Love is.

There is nothing further to write at this time as her story merges into the oneness of God. The place where there are no words, no explanations, just the embodiment of love. And from this embodiment, the being what you always have been, do the things that you call miracles occur. Michael, Ben and Jasmine. Yeshua, Judas and Mary extend their story to your heart as an invitation to join them in celebrating life, together, as the Holy Trinity.

You are the Father….

You are the Son….

You are the Holy Spirit…

You are….God.

Welcome home.

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  1. “Love is in truth the actual state of what it is to truly be you. It is the actual state of who you are.” YES EXACTLY. We are the immaculate conception itself, created of pure love. It’s a call for unconditional trust. Thanks Jazz and Michael


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