The Mystery Guests to the Wedding

February 10th-14th

Martha, Lazzie and Lazarus

From the moment I met Ken, we embraced, and I got that feeling. It’s not a feeling I’ve gotten too often over the last year, but it’s a feeling that I’d describe as, when you know someone knows more about you, than what you’ve shared. When you know someone can look at you and figure you out. A day or so later, Ken mentions, I want to tell you what I heard when you walked in the front door, I heard God say, She’s Solid God. Just to confirm my suspicions that indeed, me and Ken would be God bonding. Speaking that quiet language of God that takes little words and a whole lot of inner knowing. As a week or so went on, I developed my own nickname for Ken. He could hear the voice of God as clear as a bell although he’d rather crack a joke than admit that. His hearing was often with no human egoic interpretation slid in to what he was hearing. After a clear as a bell, God moments, I decided his nickname would be SOG, Spot on God.

The night before Shabbat, I said to him, Are you sure God hasn’t mentioned, who I was 2000 years ago? The way you talk, it’s as if you already know. He leaves the room and it must’ve been less than five minutes after my comment. Ken walks back in the room, turns to me, stands in front of the fireplace and says, You’re Mary. God just said, you’re Mary.

SOG strikes again.

A few days before the wedding, Ken once again, turns, looks and blurts out. I was Mary Magdalene’s sister, I was your sister, Martha. It made complete sense because that morning I had found myself reading an article about Mary Magdalene, and her sister Martha, the incessant cleaner. God specifically told me to click on that blog post and I found myself smiling as I read it. Let’s just say also that in this lifetime, Ken had a thing for cleaning, a serious thing and it would take a whole separate blog entry to describe his love affair with keeping tidy. We laughed and chatted about how things probably were and haven’t changed much between us 2000 years later. He then, once again, blurts out another drop of God……Well the only question is, who is our brother now in this lifetime? Who is Lazarus?

I got a chill.

I’m sure we’ll find out.

I found myself deciding to go on a walk/run down a road I hadn’t discovered yet. It was a road with actual civilization, cars I mean, so it was flat to some degree and missing the rocks and cactus that I’d come to know so well. I asked God, Left or right? as I approached the road. Go right. My running didn’t last long, since I’d been out of my regular routine for quite some time, so I continued to walk some/run some for about a mile and a half or so up the road. And then a bit of a distance ahead of me, I see a pick up truck. The truck was parked on the side of the road, someone got out and opened up their back door, I figured they were probably stopped to pee. and then I heard from G, What the car is stopped for, has to do with you. I figured as I approached, maybe they needed to borrow a cell phone because they were broken down, but as I got nearer, they drove away. And in the place of where the car had been, was a puppy.

A golden colored mix of some kind, definitely part German Shepard, about 5 months old or so. As she sat there and let her tongue hang out of her mouth, it was as if she had been sitting there, patiently waiting for me to come get her. There were no tags, and I knew there was a snowstorm coming in overnight. I figured if she was meant to come with me, she’d follow me. And she did. She trailed along behind me occasionally getting distracted in the dirt. I decided to call Yeshua who had returned to Shanti a few days before to come pick us up from where we were. As I waited, I knew there was a special name waiting for her that I would call her by. I figured God would give me a heads up…….

Your name will be…..your name…..It’s Lazarus! Omg it’s Lazarus! The name came in and the confirmation from God that indeed, I was holding my brother in my arms from two eons ago. Lazzie for short we’d call her since she was a girl. Ken graciously allowed Lazzie stay until we figured out from God where to take her to. Although the inner Martha I’m sure was having a harder time adjusting. But he cared for her like his did other dog, Prince Jake.

As Ken and I enjoy our usual morning routine of silently watching the sun come up, Ken says over coffee, We have a sudden guest arriving tomorrow. His name is Rockmae, he’s coming from Seattle and he will be here for a week. God had mentioned to me, that for me and Yeshua’s wedding, there would be “two witnesses” that would come to the ceremony. Ken was obviously the first, but I was stumped as to who was the second. Without knowing him, in order for him to show up suddenly to Shanti during that timeframe, I knew that Rockmae, some way some how, was deep in God too and would be the second witness.

Rockmae was a quiet, asian noodle loving, 27 year old God person. He told me a bit about his story, and he was certainly one of those: I was practically born awake kids I’ve seen in today’s world. He’s relayed that he was here at Shanti, because God had instructed him to be here. Within the first few hours of Rockmae’s arrival Ken and Rockmae go out to check out the land. Perhaps it was the next day, over coffee Ken says to me, Rockmae mentioned that he’d had a past life regression done, and it was shown to him that he was Lazarus. So now we had one big happy reunited family. There was no doubt that Lazzie the dog and Lazarus were sharing the same consciousness, split into two bodies during the same lifetime. And they both had reunited within a day apart from each other to be here for the wedding tomorrow.

After Shabbat and the everything that occurred, it felt like a new, warm invitation to be surrounded by the family that I had then and and had never stopped knowing Mary or God now. My brother, my sister and my soon to be husband. My God giving me the gift of God through family as a wedding gift.

As I also reflected on Spot On God and how he landed at Shanti Christo in the first place. Years ago while living in Canada, Ken/Martha had read through various sources that this land called Shanti Christo, would be the land where 10,000 Christ’s would awaken and birth a new beginning for the world. He gave up everything, and followed the voice of God to land into one of the two houses on Shanti land, that took a 5 year wait to get into. As I reflected on that, I was reminded of how since being here at Shanti, I was graced with the beautiful experience of watching people simply trust what they hear from God, and how that for them, even in tougher times, had become the guidance they wanted to use to live their entire lives by. Martha and Lazarus’ willingness to just listen to God and show up, and now, here we all were, reunited and basking in our love of God through each other.

A few days after the wedding, Lazzie’s owners were found and happily reunited with Lazzersize. Whatever the circumstances were, I knew that she was meant to come home with me that day I found her on the side of the road. Lazzie really did just appear to walk me down the aisle and be there for the wedding. Although as I walked, she was too busy sniffing piles of deer poop to actually walk with me.

Lazarus, me Yeshua, Ken and puppy Lazzie

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