Here comes the….Bride?!

Like every other human assumption I’ve made during this journey over the last year and a half, naturally, I made just one more. Yeshua and I would be romantically basking in our engagement over the next year or two like two lovers usually would.


When I sat and thunk about it, this was the pace that life had suddenly been taken since starting my walk at the beginning of the year and meeting Michael/Yeshua.

Week one: Boy meets girl.

Week two: Boy gets engaged to girl,and they adopt a wandering puppy.

Week three….boy…MARRIES girl?

I can only imagine what week four would look bring. Maybe….. a pony?

After just a week of being engaged, the thought of getting married quite soon, as it always was, was harmlessly suggested as a possibility by God that I perhaps would be open to saying yes to.

After getting engaged, we talked about our last names. My last name as I’ve shared in a post months before, I changed on my own when I was an adult, and theres a story to my past attached to my last name. A beautiful love story that ran its course in my life.

Yeshua: Yeah with my last name Mccants, I have no attachment to the name whatsoever. It’s my Dad’s last name whom I’ve never met and mom just happened to keep the name as hers.

He looks up at me.

Yeshua: Oh, its possible that we are supposed to change our last name.

Supposed to meaning, that suggestion came in from God as we were sitting there together.

After the engagement I was by myself at Shanti Christo for about a week or so. I suppose it was around Feb 6 or 7th. I could tell the new last name was already in my awareness but I still couldn’t put my finger on it.

God: Order a weding band for Yeshua.

Me: So soon?

God: Well the money is there now, so you might as well.

I pop online and type in, Men’s Green Wedding Band. Green, being Yeshua’s favorite color. The first one that popped up, I get an enthusiastic..

God: its that first one! from G.

I read the description, Green Celtic Dragon Wedding Band.

Sounds like my man.

Me: But what size?

God: 9 order the 9.

I had been instructed to also stay wearing white for at least the time being. So, I popped online to buy another white outfit. After being told to order a specific dress that I realized looked like a wedding dress later, I was starting to get the feeling that maybe, just maybe the wedding was supposed to happen a lot sooner than I had assumed.

Then I got some really interesting instructions.

God: Go ahead and pop on to

That website was my old escorting website that I had tried to take down over the last year and a half or so, but I figured that the woman that holds the domain went out of business since the emails I sent requesting that bounced back.

As I browsed through the photo gallery I saw it. My birthday of 2017, the day I did a photoshoot and wore a wedding dress. I thought back even further, through my time modeling there were so many instances where I wore a wedding dress.

Julia……Devine. Oh my gosh Devine! I flash back and remember the day Michael/Yeshua picked me up from Kingman AZ in January. He picked me up at the intersection of the hotel that I was staying at for a few days. God in that moment told me to snap a photo of the intersection and send it to him.

Me: Devine was the name of my alias I used to use, intersected with your name, and here we are.

So there I was sitting at the dining room table at Shanti, knowing our name would be Devine, but spelled Divine. Keeping in mind the meaning of the name Jasmine: Gift from God and Michael’s name, One who is like God, I knew the meaning of Devine or Divine, was similar. So, I look it up, DivineOne who is like God. The same meaning as Michael’s first name.

At that point my heads doing its usually explosive spinny thing when a lot of God comes in in a really short amount of time.

God: One more thing, see that leather bound Bible on the book shelf, I turn my head, God: Start reading Revelations in the back of the Bible. I found out later that that Bible was Ken/Martha’s mother’s Bible from 1947 that she gave to him years before. I grabbed it from the shelf, and headed to the back of the Bible. In the very back of the Bible alongside the zipper binding, something catches my eye.

A worn out, piece of paper.

More than a piece of paper, a blank marriage certificate. A blank marriage certificate that I was instructed to fill out with our new last names, the date of the wedding and send it to Yeshua.

What date should I put?

God: February 14th 2020.

Me: No shit, it seemed soon, but a week away?!

The only thing I hadn’t figured out at the time was who the second witness was so I left that blank. A day before the wedding, Lazarus showed up like I had mentioned before.

February 14th 2020

My morning began like any other morning. I decided to slip into my wedding dress pretty early, and then realized I couldn’t really bend or be near Lazzie the dog without being jumped on and having sequence fly around all over the place. The wedding was set to be at the cross at 3pm specifically. To symbolize the approximate time that Yeshua died on the cross.

While I sat at home and chanted for a while, Yeshua was instructed to go for a walk to a place called Resurrection Hill. A place that had been known to symbolize the crucifixion. At the top of the hill, there are two oddly shaped trees, one to the left, and one to the right. In the very middle where Yeshua’s tree/cross would have stood, was another symbol. Barbed wire, coiled in such a way to resemble the crown of thorns. Yeshua was instructed to stand in the center where the crown of thorns lay and outstretch his arms. He later told me that God said his resurrection in this lifetime would be happening soon.

I chanted for quite some time while Martha, and Lazarus set up the tent by the cross that Yeshua and I planned to sleep in overnight. They left the house again around 2:30, and A few minutes later, I was on my way to the cross with Lazzie.

On the ten minute walk that probably took 20 minutes in my dress, I felt pure exhilaration. My legs felt wobbly and I stumbled quite a bit on the rocks and mud up to meet my Yeshua. I could see them all from a distance long before I was in earshot.

And there he was. Beaming at me.

I looked at Martha, Lazarus, and Lazzie, the five of us, my reunited family, all together in a quiet celebration of love.

I could feel the merge of oneness solidify even deeper as we stood there gazing at each other. I could feel as we said I do, all of the dreams I had had come into clear sight that our marriage was purely a symbol for celebration to those, all of those who would have us. In marrying me, Yeshua was entering into union with all women that wanted to be his bride. And that bride being a symbol to devotion, complete surrender, and love for God. My vows were vows to all of humanity, as he stood there, I knew I was marrying the entire world through the symbol of my Yeshua. Our bodies were simply vehicles of expressing the oneness and unity. Just symbols. And although there were three bodies that were attended guests for the ceremony, everyone in spirit was invited to the wedding. Anyone who would accept the invitation of love, of God.

I was told by God to prepare for whats to come, and yet be as light as possible about the events that would occur later that night on our wedding night in the tent. In our symbolic union that day, all things that were blocking the full merging of our Christ energies to be shared, would be coming up to the surface, and to start, we’d get a taste of some of it that night. It would be more than we had faced so far and so after we feasted all on hummus, dolmas and cherry pie, I prepared for the sunset, and the rest of the night ahead of us at the cross.

Whatever we would face, we would face it as one.

So what happened in week Four? Well if isn’t already obvious enough, we definitely didn’t get a pony.

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