Sleeping in Satan’s Room

A story since I’ve been at Shanti Christo is the story of living with Jayem. I’d rather not go into too many irrelevant details, but what’s important to know is that to my knowledge, he was the founder of the land Shanti Christo. The land that I am on now. The land that would be the birthplace of the awakening of the Christ within many, in the Second Coming of the Christ. It had been purchased years ago, and you could say it’s been a waiting game for everyone involved for the ‘beginning’ to begin.

When I arrived to Shanti Christo, Jayem was here. My first impression of him that he was certainly cordial enough. He was a bit reclusive and as I listened to him sit at that table day after day, when he did talk, his interest was to be heard and not to listen. He was interested in being the teacher. He had this ‘Holier than thou’ kind of persona, that didn’t resonate with me. I didn’t dislike him, and he certainly did a great job of masking his issues with me. I figured it was the ‘Guru teacher ego’ thing that a lot of people on the spiritual quest get hung up in for a while and understandably so, it’s often part of the journey, and it even was a part of mine. I figured it all just needed more love and more forgiveness and I was my cheerful, ordinary self towards him.

Within a night of sleeping at Shanti I should mention the dream I had. I had a dream of a wonderful brother in Christ that I had met the night before I got to Shanti by the name of James Twyman. In the dream James is standing in the doorway, his arms outstretched for a hug and a big smile on his face. I exclaim in the dream, “John!” I wake up and realize that in the dream I was referring to him as John the Beloved, John the Apostle, and that was James.

Later, I told Michael about my dream.

A day later or so, someone mentions that Jayem, had taken the title of ‘John the Beloved’ in a past life.

Weird, I thought. How odd that I would’ve had a dream showing me a completely different person being John the Beloved, on the first night at Shanti?

As the weeks went by, I heard through the grapevine some colorful stories about Jayem’s past, that I did my best to forgive within my mind as soon as I heard it. I sensed something was off, but I ignored it. Spiritual teacher or not, why would there be a clause for me to pass judgement, I thought? I realized later that it wasn’t so much his past doings that was giving me an uneasy feeling, it was his trying too hard to paint such a different picture on the surface of what he was all about that was causing an unsettling feeling in the air.

Things started to color in after it was brought to my attention Jayem’s true feelings towards me that he’d expressed to Ken a few days ago. Thanks to my prolonged stay at Shanti, He suddenly had this idea that for any spiritual seekers that come to Shanti, to stay in the house, they’d need to pay a minimum of 25 dollars a night as a required donation and they’d only be able to stay for a maximum of four days.

You could say that that probably was the biggest red flag of all. He allegedly knew what this land was for years ago when it was purchased. This land was an important physical spot that would aid in the beginning of the birthplace of an entire new world. A world built on living as love and seeing the eyes of Christ with and through all beings. The Land in which this new beginning large in part, would take place, would now require a donation and maximum stay for people who were called to it? When did the journey home to love, to God, come with rules, and regulations? I tried to imagine Yeshua in the middle of his Christ journey, 2000 years ago needing a place to rest his head and being asked for money in order to accommodate him.

Needless to say, my eyes were now, wide open.

Back to the Cross

It seemed like a relaxed day. The day before had been quite an eventful one up at Resurrection Hill on the Shanti land for me. Some revealing flashes of what was to pop up in the weeks ahead, particularly on Easter Sunday had been gifted into my awareness. All beautiful, but my head was a little fried from the information.

So I expected a chillax, eat beans and tortilla chips, take naps and meditate kind of day yesterday.

And then I heard it.

God: I’ve got something to tell you, it’s a biggie, head on over to the cross.

Going to the cross for me was always like a mini Shabbat experience. My head and entire body would be in the middle of a web of loving, Christ energies.

I laid on the ground in front of the cross for a while. A few family members that I wasn’t expecting to flash into my awareness did for healing. It seemed reasonable and easy enough as I went through the tears, accepted the love underneath the layers of sadness that I felt and integrated all of that back in.

God: Well now let’s talk about why your’e really here.

When energy shifts it feels like a large blow of wind coming in. The blow of energy wasn’t a good one. It felt similar to the night of our wedding, when I was chanting and feeling the energy of what I thought was Lucifer at the time, attempt to over power God.

I figured it was a good time to get my body moving and walk around the cross as I felt the shifts continue.

God: Jayem, is not about what you think he is.

I grabbed my gut, suddenly feeling that, Oh no I was right all along that something was terribly wrong, kind of feeling. My thoughts all along wanted to think the best, but my feelings were leaning me in an opposite direction.

My attention was on the cross, and I listened and did my best to digest what I heard as the energy continued to overwhelm my system.

Turns out that Jayem’s motives, his intentions, his path and direction to aid the world in awakening to the truth of God and Shanti Christo at some point had taken a nose dive in the opposite direction for him and he’d been masterfully undercover about it. Jayem had been doing what appeared to be an okay job of developing and maintaining a following and playing the game of “spiritual teacher with pure intentions” as well as he could. But he in fact, he wasn’t there for the birthing of a new beginning of light. He wasn’t in alignment with the vision of Yeshua, at all, he was in it for his own selfish, worldly gain. Yeshua had even told him a few years back to step down from his role with Shanti Christo and this he openly told to some who knew him closely.

And yet here he was….still here.

Before I went into what this could mean, I flashed back to the night before Shabbat. The night by the fireplace when I was asked to take Ken and Jayem aside, informing them of what I was I was doing there, the Second Coming, and some potential events that could take place during Shabbat. And I remember Jayem’s reaction specifically.

He became blank and silently stared at the fire for about 30 minutes, maybe uttered a word or two, and went back to his bedroom. I remember feeling the eeriness of the energy that was coming through him as he sat there in silence. I didn’t know then, and yet somehow I did. Something wasn’t right. He so conveniently disappeared from the house for a few days just in time for our wedding, then for another month while I stayed still at the house, in his empty bedroom while he was away since it was the only bedroom. He was expected to return later in March from Hawaii.

Another flash came into my mind weeks ago in conversation with God about the millions of dollars coming in that would be for the Shanti land. My natural human thought was that as Jayem being the leader of Shanti, he’d be apointed the funds to disperse them as God saw fit. I heard a roaring “NO!” from God. It was quite powerful and it got my attention.

God: Ken will be the one to be entrusted with the money.

In my heart it made sense, but my mind wanted to know the reason behind why there was such a big no to Jayem.

Back with my awareness on pacing back and forth at the cross….

God: the energy you felt and feel now, the energy that you and Michael were asked to not fully embody the night of your wedding, is the energy of the Anti-Christ. The energy of Lucifer and the Anti-Christ are not the same. Anti-christ energy is the energy of what people call “Satan.

I could remember in the tent experiences of the energy of Satan trying to do its best to convince me that it was wanting to come home to God, and better yet that it was Godly.

It explained so much. Jayem’s ‘Holier than Thou’ presentation on the outside, yet the very stealth opposite existence that he was living and had been living behind closed doors. He was doing a fair job at having everyone fooled. But not everyone, including Ken.

As the conversation continued, I got to see and embody a side of God that I’d only felt in glimpses so far. Gods instruction and reaction to Jayem was zero tolerance for untruth. Not the loving, sunshiny Christ like ‘love your neighbor’ response that I’d expect.

God: You will not play the game of dancing around the truth with Satan. People who fully embody this energy do a great job of pretending to be on the side of the truth, of light, and of God. There are people who are simply possessed by the energy, and then there are people who fully embody this deep ego energy, with the goal of keeping the truth of God away from the world. The murders, the rapes you see, aren’t typically committed by the people who fully embody the energy of Anti-Christ, those crimes are committed by people who are under that energies control. Antichrist’s are the masterminds behind the chaos in the world you see not the ones doing the dirty work. The entire world has been built by the energy of Anti-God, and you embodying God, by this world largely, will be identified to them as, “the Anti-Christ.”

I had known long before that the Anti-Christ energy that the world was built on, would be the same energy that would soon make my entire story an “evil” one to the world, or better yet, a self absorbed one, or even better, one to disregard. It’s important to mention that this energy is not some demon with horns thats one person. It’s an energy that the entire world embodies, and as individuals we embody it in different amounts. The Anti–Christ energy is the complete and full force, fear of God.

I was told by God that this ego energy would use any fear based storyline to convince others that I’m here with a malice purpose. In the near future I’d be labeled the delusional person that thinks she’s God and she’s not, the whore, the druggie, the neglectful parent, anything that it could to keep the truth of what I am and why I am here from being revealed. Much later on, the energy would go as far as having people hating me in the name of “God”, and it’d have doctored Bible passages with “signs” to prove my “evil” identity.

God: You will stand firmly with what I’ve told you, hide nothing, and go home and tell Ken plainly everything. You will remove all of your belongings from Jayem’s bedroom immediately and no longer sleep in there.

It all suddenly made so much sense why I had been anything but welcomed at Shanti Christo, minus Ken. I literally walked into a cocoon of energy against the truth. That I was hoping would soon lift.

God: Jayem will not be welcome in this house from here on out energetically, and with that, very soon the energy will be lifting from Shanti, and even more leaning in the direction of light.

Me: Well, thats good news. All I can do is tell the truth, repeat what you’re telling me, and what happens next, is up to to everyone else.

Although I had no intentions on anticipating any shifts too soon.

I had a feeling there’d be more to be revealed once I arrived back to the house. I had no idea how close to home the energy of Satan had been all along. It was being fully embodied by two other people. In my and Michael’s own family. Directly with the intention to stop this whole Second Coming, a world made of light and love ‘thing’ from going down.

It turns out that Jayem wasn’t John the Beloved like everyone thought. He was ‘Herod the Great.’ The Jewish King that had Yeshua crucified by the Romans 2000 years ago.

Now that makes more sense.

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  1. To SIMPLY be at peace and “at home” in this present time and place is enough. I have no need of biblical or extraterrestrial or other “stories” that romanticize places and times other than here and now. If I and others would stick to what is “front and center” which has never been before, the sanctity and holiness is right who and where you are. Many in this group of God Seekers benefit from the simple holy gift of human life paying attention to NOW. The idea of the “good old days” have always been better in the past including biblical times!


  2. No “story” is better than the one you are LIVING now.  Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  3. I have met many who would rather have a monologue than a dialogue. They are usually so self absorbed that there is no room to listen to anyone but themself. But they can still offer good advice. It just prevents imo closeness.


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