Q & A How to Tell if it’s Ego, Or God?

This makes me smile. It makes me think about the beginning parts of this trek especially over the last two years. I knew that I was God because I had heard it, but I hadn’t experienced it. I didn’t have a conversational relationship with God really unless I was needing something. Once I built one, […]

Q & A My personal Story of Giving up Everything

If you’d like to read this first, it may be helpful. https://arebelsjourneytoenlightenment.com/2019/09/02/you-must-give-up-everything-in-order-to-gain-everything/ In other posts, I talk about how I gave up my job, my arrangement, Judas, Jesus, as well as my affiliation with a particular Religious Buddhist Organization. The original teachings of the Buddha are for me, but organized religion after enlightenment hit, was […]

I Didn’t Get the Mom I Wanted so I Could Become the Person I Wanted to Be

One of my largest struggles throughout my teens and some of my 20’s was the resentments I carried that were deeply rooted towards my mom. She in my eyes at the time, was not the type of mom I’d imagine for myself. Of course there was love there, but with the love was a deep […]

Past Life Reveals in The City of Brotherly Love.

Finding out about Mary, was a gradual build. God is the most creative mofo’ I’ve ever known. This story is about the interesting build that occurred, from past lives to the reveal of my consciousness being Mary’s, to what happened a few weeks afterwards. I write these bits and pieces out of my journey out […]