Okay, So the World You See Is a Dream

There are so many different variations, to explaining “the world is an illusion concept.” To some degree, the ones I’ve heard are all right. This is by far, the most complicated subject in the awakening journey to grasp. Why? Because how do you really talk about nonhuman concepts with: language; another human concept? You can’t, […]

Mary Magdalene Was and so Jazz was.

Update: I changed the name later on of this post. At first it wasnt shared with me that 2000 years ago I was a prostitute, I’m not certain of the meaning behind why, but I was introduced to beings of the Heyhoka. From my relationship with them, they are beings of the spirit that tell […]

Who My Twin Flame Was In Biblical Times

A side note first. My Twin Flame first of all is me, pretending not to be me. We need to get that out of the way first. There really is no “other” there just appears to be in space in time. And so the concept of Twin Flames was developed and is especially relevant to […]

I am Jazz, I am here to Save the World

As I started this blog August of 2019, I knew only of my incarnation of Mary Magdalene 2000 years ago and I knew that something was happening to me. I didn’t realize that writing would later have anything to do with the up ahead times to come in the world. I didn’t realize that I’d […]

The 4 Stages People go through, When Becoming a Course in Miracles student

The Four Stages of Competency I have to give credit where it is due. CJ, a wonderful Course in Miracles teacher here in Orange County, had the brilliant idea to use the 4 stages of competence when becoming a student of a course in miracles and she teaches that in her Course in Miracles class. […]