Things Start to Move When you Realize this was Never about a Twin Flame Union

Please read Twin Flame The Beginning first if possible. The total time of this journey has been two years, and yet the amount of healing, realizations and transformations I’ve gone through has been what someone would go through in lifetimes rather than in a two year period. This jacked up speed of enlightenment came from […]

The State of Peace that Never Leaves

I feel like a started this blog off with quite a few tougher topics involving the enlightenment journey. Honestly, I did that for a reason. As I went through, and continue to go through some of the previous experiences I’ve mentioned, there is little to no material online about the tougher parts of the enlightenment […]

You must give up Everything in order to gain Everything

It seems like I am starting off with the tougher topics of the enlightenment journey. I’m sure there is some reason for that. I want to clarify this common stereotype of enlightenment. That you must give up all of your physical possessions (including people), in order to become enlightened. The truth is, you aren’t required […]

Wanting to Connect, But No one Understands

One thing that has continued to follow me in this journey, is as things became more intense, more unique, and closer to the truth in this awakening process, my ego wanted to find someone, anyone who understands what the self is going through. The journey towards enlightenment or a journey back to enlightenment one could […]

Breaking Down The Enlightenment Stereotype

A lot of these subjects intersected and overlapped. There are so many misnomers about enlightenment, thanks to the wonderful ego of todays planet. What I hope to accomplish in this blog and eventual book, is to provide a platform of bringing even more light to the subject. No enlightenment is not something that happens to […]